8 Causes of Fatigue and What You Can Do About It

8 Causes of Fatigue and What You Can Do About It

8 Causes of Fatigue and What You Can Do About It

There are some days where it seems like I’ve got all the energy in the world. Then there are times that my body is worn down and I’m very fatigue. At first, my mom said it’s because I’m getting old and my body is changing. Honestly, that could be the case, but there are things that make a lot of us feel fatigued at times. I’ll be honest; it wouldn’t hurt me to get a little more sleep every night. When you don’t get proper sleep this can have a negative effect on your body. Lack of sleep is one of many things that could lead to fatigue. Below are 8 causes of fatigue and what you can do about it.

Not Enough Sleep

As mentioned, lack of sleep will definitely lead to more fatigue. When fatigued, you lack concentration and it just seems you are in a funk the entire day. After purchasing an Apple Watch, my sleep is monitored on a nightly basis. Sleep is becoming a priority and I’ve started to schedule it around the same time every night. At a certain time, I’ll put away the phone, iPad, laptop and TV remote.

Sleep Apnea

While you may think you are sleeping well at night, you may be suffering from sleep apnea. Having sleep apnea means your breathing may stop throughout the night. This may be something that you’re not aware of either. You may be sleep-deprived and not even know it. You would need to check with a doctor to get a sleep study done. You can fix this problem by shedding some pounds or quit smoking. The doctor may put you on a CPAP device to keep your airway passages open while sleeping.


You may not be eating enough to get the proper proteins your body need. On the other hand, you could be eating the wrong foods altogether. If you eat a balanced diet, it will keep your blood sugar in the normal range. If your blood sugar remains normal there is a chance you won’t feel sluggish. To prevent this, try to always eat breakfast in the morning. When you do, try to include proteins and complex carbs. Try eating eggs with whole-grain toast, plus small meals and snacks throughout the day.


We all know how serious depression is and it’s categorized as an emotion disorder. Depression can contribute to many physical symptoms such as fatigue and headaches. If you feel like you’re depressed, don’t hesitate to talk to someone about it.  You will feel worn down and if it reoccurs go to therapy or get medication for it.

Excess Caffeine

Caffeine can keep you alert and help concentrate at times. When you drink too much, it can increase heart rate and blood pressure. With the excess caffeine, some people will get the jitters. There has been research that indicates too much caffeine causes fatigue. We are not saying to stop with the caffeine, but slowly cut back. From now on, keep an eye on your coffee, tea and chocolate intake.


With diabetes, abnormally high levels of sugar remain in the bloodstream instead of entering the body’s cells. If the sugar was entering through the cells then you would get your energy. The result is a body that runs out of steam despite having enough to eat. If you have persistent, unexplained fatigue, ask your doctor about being tested for diabetes. You can get treatments for diabetes by exercising and diet. You may be forced to go on medication like insulin to help process sugar.


We are in the spring and summer is around the corner be careful about getting dehydrated. Fatigue is one sign of dehydration. Whether you’re working out or working a desk job, your body needs water to work well and keep cool. If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. Try drinking water throughout the day until your urine is light colored. For me, I’ll always carry around my cooler that I received from Babblebox years ago full of water. At work, I’m walking around a lot so hydration is the key.

Heart Disease

Sometimes your fatigue can come out of nowhere. When you’re doing normal activities and fatigue creeps up on you this could have something to do with your heart. If you notice it’s becoming increasingly difficult to finish tasks that were once easy, talk to your doctor about heart disease. You may need medication, therapeutic procedures or just change your lifestyle.

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