8 Ways Being Burned Out Affects You and Your Body
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8 Ways Being Burned Out Affects You and Your Body

8 Ways Being Burned Out Affects You and Your Body

It has been around 14 months ever since the pandemic took over the world. During that time, many people have had the chance to work from home. The economy suffered and many people were laid off of work. My job was considered essential and it has felt like I’ve worked harder. With no downtime and even working some weekends, I’ve been feeling burned out. I’m sure many people can relate to what I’m saying and also have felt burned out also. When feeling burned out, this will affect your body in so many ways. Check out 8 ways being burned out affects you and your body.

Very Exhausted

The first thing you will feel is pure exhaustion when you are burned out. There are times you feel like you can’t get out of bed. When at work, it feels more than you actually work and it wears you down. You tend to be emotionally and physically out of it.

You Feel Depressed

We already know that exhaustion can set in if you’re burned out. You may also feel cynical and useless, which is what leads to depression. There is no worse feeling than thinking you’re not wanted or needed. If being burned out having you feel that way, take some time for yourself.

You Begin to Hate Your Job

Trust me; this is very true that when burned out you begin to hate your job. Studies show that job dissatisfaction is one of several side effects (along with things like absenteeism and many physical ailments) of burnout. I’m to the point where it feels like I’m at work more than being home.

You’re Always Pissed Off

Any and everything will begin to get under your skin. Anything little thing at your job will send you in a frenzy. This could reflect on how you treat your co-workers or people that work for you. Unfortunately, this is something I’ve never done but being burned out can cause it.

Hard to Sleep

Have you ever been so tired that you couldn’t sleep? Some studies link trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep to burnout (though other studies don’t find a clear connection). Don’t fool around with sleep problems. If you don’t get enough sleep, it can bring higher chances of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and kidney disease.

You Tend to Drink More

This is something I’ve experienced in the past. When you are just burned out, you tend to drink more. Sometimes we have those extra drinks at home. There are other times where you may stop at the bar on your way home. If this happens to you, please stop before it leads to more problems.

Blood Pressure Rises

If you experience burnout on your job, this will probably lead to high blood pressure. Along with that, you might get a quicker heartbeat, too. Neither is good for you. They could damage not only your heart but your brain and your kidneys, too.

You Start Missing Days at Work

When you feel burned out, it seems like you’re taking unnecessary vacation days. If you have sick days, those evaporate really fast also. Research has found that burnout can trigger both absenteeism and presenteeism (which means coming to work even when you’re sick). And it works the other way. All those sick days and feeling crummy while you’re at work can lead to more burnout.

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