Making Your Money Grow With Clever Swaps
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Making Your Money Grow With Clever Swaps

Making Your Money Grow With Clever Swaps

Are you trying to save some money? No matter whether you are looking to put away some pennies for a rainy day or you want to treat your family to a vacation, you need to be dedicated and disciplined if you are to reach your saving goals. However, finding the spare money in the first place can often be the challenge. Read on to discover some clever swaps you can make in your day-to-day life to save some money.


  1. Swap your standard light bulbs for energy saving light bulbs – Energy saving light bulbs may cost a little bit more to purchase, but when you consider the fact that they last ten times longer, you see where the savings are to be made.
  2. Swap your canteen lunch for a packed lunch – You will be shocked by how much money you spend on lunch every week if you buy it. Even if you get a meal deal from a nearby supermarket, it quickly adds up. Instead, make your own lunches. Not only will you be able to save money, but they will taste a lot nicer too. Here are some delicious recipe suggestions to get you started.
  3. Swap your expensive TV subscription for Netflix – Do you pay a lot of money for TV channels? If so, go back to basics, and invest in Netflix instead or another online subscription service.
  4. Swap your manual payments for direct debits – A lot of businesses prefer you to set up a direct debit with them, and so they will offer you a cheaper rate if you do so. Not only this, but by setting up a direct debit, you make sure you do not miss any payments, which could result in a fine.
  5. Swap branded products for supermarket own brands – You can save a lot of money when doing your grocery shopping by going for a supermarket’s own branded products, instead of buying popular brand names. You will often find that there isn’t much difference in terms of taste, but you will make a big difference to your bank balance.
  6. Swap your car for a scooter – You can save a considerable amount of money by swapping your car for a scooter. Firstly, by selling your vehicle at the likes of Sanford and Son Junk Cars and buying a scooter, you will immediately have access to a large chunk of cash that can go into your savings, as scooters are much cheaper to buy than vehicles. However, you will also be able to make ongoing savings as well. After all, it is much cheaper to insure and road tax a scooter than it is a vehicle. Calculate the savings you will make every month and put the money aside. This is especially recommended for families that have two vehicles; it is unlikely that you need both.
  7. Swap your monthly insurance premiums for annual payments – If you pay insurance premiums on a yearly basis instead of monthly, you will be able to lock in a reduced price.


Make the seven swaps mentioned above and put the savings you make into a separate account; you will soon see the money mount up!

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