3 Things to Look for When Buying a Used Golf Cart
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3 Things to Look for When Buying a Used Golf Cart

3 Things to Look for When Buying a Used Golf Cart

Golf carts can be a great addition to your hobby, especially if you will have a lot of use for one. Some of the newer models can be quite costly on your bank account, so you might be considering purchasing a second-hand golf cart. Buying a golf cart can be a stressful decision if you are unsure about the condition of the cart and whether the seller is being entirely honest with you.

Just as you must be careful when buying a car for regular driving, you will need to ask a lot of the same questions when looking for your new second-hand vehicle. Here are the three most important things to look for when buying a used golf cart.

1.      Electric or Gas?

There are benefits and downfalls to both gas and electric-powered golf carts, so be sure to do proper research on the model you are interested in. Generally, gas-powered engines have a much higher top speed than electric ones, but golf carts that run on gas do need substantially more maintenance.

Electric golf carts are cheaper and easier to maintain, but you will need to monitor your battery often. This may even mean carrying a charger with you everywhere you drive. The type of battery also has a specific lifespan depending on the manufacturer. If you want to buy an electric cart over a gas-powered one, get to know the specifications of the battery, what brands and types would be more suitable to the cart model, and how long until the battery needs to be replaced.

2.      Obtain As Much Information Possible

Golf carts are regulated driving vehicles, and each will have a specific make, model, serial number, and battery type. To know whether you are investing in a well-known, popular, and safe golf cart, you can use this information to research other people’s experiences with the same model.

One of the main reasons why you ask for this information is simple. If the seller can’t or won’t provide you with the information, then you are better off walking away. It is vital to know if any manufacturer has recalled a specific model for safety reasons or if parts for a model have been discontinued. There is no point in investing in something that you can’t maintain and use for years to come.

The make and model of the golf cart you choose will also determine what type of accessories you can add at a later stage. There is a crazy amount of golf cart parts and accessories available online that can make your cart the envy of every other golfer on the pitch.

3.      Test Drives are Mandatory

It seems logical, but this step is often missed by many eager buyers who just want their hands on that nifty golf cart. Test drives are the best way to identify any possible mechanical issues with the golf cart, and you as a buyer have every right to request one.

If possible, take the cart for a longer test drive than is necessary to uncover any broken parts the previous owner may be trying to hide. Some people are skilled at temporarily fixing a problem just long enough to sell it before the buyer realizes what is happening.

Buying a used golf cart can be exciting because they are generally cheap to own and easy to service. Don’t be afraid to negotiate the asking price and try to find other sellers and buyers online to ask what they think is a fair asking price. You might even find a more reputable seller that has a lower price tag. If you have the right information and you have done your research, you are more likely to be able to negotiate with the seller and get a good price for your new used golf cart.

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