3 Of the Biggest Sports Across The Pond You Should Follow
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3 Of the Biggest Sports Across The Pond You Should Follow

Now, we love following all the best stuff that’s happening in sports right now, be it the NFL, NBA, or MLB. For some people, finding that one sport you love and digging as deep into it as you can be all that you need. However, there are plenty of sports aficionados who love finding the new game to dig into and learn about and they have some pretty excellent ones across the pond. So, what are the biggest sports over there and why should you get into them?

3 Of the Biggest Sports Across The Pond You Should Follow


The beautiful game is, by no means, entirely foreign to people here. However, the attitude towards it across the pond is way beyond the reaction that it typically gets domestically. The Premier League is just as big as NFL but has even more international reach and it’s not hard to see why. European soccer is a sport that requires great athleticism but plays well for people of all sizes. It’s one of the games that allow for competitiveness across all kinds of builds, which is also why it’s so easy to get into. All you need is a makeshift net (or even goal markers) and a soccer ball, and you can get going. Plus, there are few sporting events as hype as the World Cup.


If you want to see the passion that can rival any sports bar near the Super Bowl, then just go into just about any pub local to a home rugby team. It can be intense. When you take a look at some of the big rugby hits over the years, it’s not hard to compare the appeal of it to American football, though there are several key distinctions. It is every bit as physical, but a more methodically paced game due to the scrum and involves much more back and forth within each play, due to the fact that the ball can only be passed backwards. It’s also one of the sports that offer some of the most nail-biting contests, with thirty players all vying to get the ball at any moment.


Now, this one can be difficult for those who are into domestic sports to understand. Cricket is a game that is chock full of complex rules, with games that can go as long as 9 days, looking at the longest cricket test match ever played, at least. It’s also one of the most invigorating non-contact sports to watch, making it better for those who have (very reasonable) concerns about the level of trauma and injury in other sports. Though the full rules of cricket may seem daunting, it’s not all that much denser than our own baseball, it’s just a different set of rules, really.

Not every sport is going to be for everyone and there is no denying that there’s a big difference in sporting attitudes (at least on the fan side) across the Atlantic. But it might be worth taking a look, you never know what might click with you.

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