Great Tips for Better Muscle Gains Through Weightlifting
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Great Tips for Better Muscle Gains Through Weightlifting

Great Tips for Better Muscle Gains Through Weightlifting

“When you hit failure, your workout has just begun.”


-Ronnie Coleman


Developing and maintaining muscle strength is an essential part of growing older. This decides the overall body potential of an individual. This is why most professionals from the American Council on Exercise say that adults tend to lose half of their muscles with growing age. This process begins at the age of 30 years or so.

So, what is the biggest reason for the decline in muscle strength? It’s physical activities that tend to affect the metabolism rate. As a result, many people experience consistent weight gain issues making it difficult for them to shed those extra pounds.

Further, reports by Mayo Clinic reveal the different benefits of practicing muscle gain exercises like – improved body strength, weight loss, development of new bones, and eliminating the chances of bone loss at any age group.

This helps to reduce the increased risk of fractures and other bone-related severe injuries. Plus, many people have found muscle gain exercises as a fantastic way to boost their energy levels and bring a better body balance.

How much weight is ideal to start with?

It’s common for an individual to be surrounded by several questions when stepping into the world of muscle gain. Above all, an important question is how much weight is good enough to start with? Here, the total amount of weight you carry depends on how many exercise repetitions you are aiming for? Ideally, the weight should be enough to make every repetition tough and challenging for you.

Don’t lift the weight, which can cause you back pain as it can end up in a severe internal injury. Here, a weight trainer can help you know the ideal amount of weight for your body type. And if you have just begun your training without any helping hand, use different machines and stoppers to prevent sudden injury during exercises.

Which exercises work the best for muscle gain?

The best type depends on your ultimate goal, how much time you devote to your training session, and how much effort you put into it. All in all, it depends on the amount of focus and pressure you carry to get your body in shape and build its strength.

Here, the key is the ideal balance. No one would ever wish to have a great chest but a weaker back. First, it does not give you a good physique, and secondly, it isn’t a sign of healthy body structure. Therefore, it’s wise to keep a balance of exercises to make your body’s right difference. The kind of exercises you perform works on different segments of the muscles, including – flexor and extensor muscles. Therefore, make sure to consult a fitness trainer for the same.

How to make your body ready for much better weightlifting?

Good results demand good exercise sessions. And for that, you need to mold your lifestyle and bodily habits accordingly. People need to follow a set and strict lifestyle for years to see a notable change in their body structures. Here, by the strict lifestyle, we mean making changes to everything, including diet and sleeping habits. Initially, you may find it mundane and hard to follow, but gradual results are always there to push you towards better results.

Here are some important and effective things to try and make your regime better than ever before –

No warm-up, no exercise – As you are to work on your muscles, don’t put them in an uncomfortable position for a long time. Beginning your hardcore muscle gain training or weightlifting without a warm-up can result in something worse for you. Therefore, practice five to ten minutes of aerobic exercises to brace yourself for the strength-building exercises.

Choose your supplements wisely – Unarguably, an individual practicing weightlifting or muscle-building exercises often consumes supplements to improve the positive result-orientation potential. To this, the market is flooded with numerous strength-building supplements but make sure you choose them wisely. This is important because all that glitters is not gold. For a weight-lifting workout, your body demands energy, and there is nothing better than creatine to boost energy production and practice a high-intensity movement. You can go for scientifically formulated creatine types which are designed to replenish ATP stores within the pumping muscle tissues.

Some common perks of consuming creatine are –

  1. Enhances the body strength
  2. Keeps your body hydrated even in the extreme outdoor workout conditions
  3. Improves the ATP preservation and recovery rate
  4. Provides muscular strength
  5. Accelerates the fat-free mass

Never hold your breath – Call it basic human nature or anything, but people tend to hold their breath whenever they lift anything heavy. But when you wake up to the realities of weightlifting, you will realize how important it is to release the breath and remain in a comfortable position. When you lift, your body requires a good amount of oxygen to survive. On the contrary, when you hold your breath, you add to your increased blood pressure and low energy levels. Instead, breathe via your mouth rather than from your nose.

You may find it a bit difficult to but remember practice makes a man perfect.

Mix the exercises you do – Never think of continuing with the same kind of exercises for a long run. It will only show improvements on a particular type of muscle while it may keep the other muscles as it is. This affects the overall body structure making it difficult for you to improve the strength and quality of other groups of muscles. Therefore, practice different exercises and keep it a healthy mix of gaining weight for all the muscle types. For this, you may need to consult your fitness trainer to help you know about the right set of exercises.

The last word –

Muscle gains are something that helps you bring a significant difference in your body type, structure, and overall strength. In return, all it demands is consistent efforts and seamless progress measurement. There are several factors which, when combined tenfold, the impact of muscle gain training and it includes – proper diet, taking all precautionary exercise measures, and making a difference in your lifestyle.

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