The 2021 Guide to Using Men's Health Supplements
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The 2021 Guide to Using Men’s Health Supplements

The 2021 Guide to Using Men's Health Supplements
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What if you’re working out hard, eating clean, but not receiving the desired results? If you’re looking for that extra something that maximizes the results of your training, supplements are a healthy way to go about it. The problem is that most men don’t know where to start, be it pre-workouts or post-workouts. Then comes choosing the type of supplement such as whey protein, soy protein, vitamins, and minerals, causing a massive wall of confusion.

To simplify things, we’re here to help you get the most out of your workouts and lifestyle with our guide to men’s health supplements.

Where can you start?

Your starting point should be closely analyzing your diet and exercise. Is your diet right for your goal? Is your training suitable for your purpose? Once you’re sure that you’re doing all that correctly, you can look into the men’s health supplements that will cater to your specific requirements. Steel Supplements has a variety of men’s health supplements for you to choose from. If you’re looking for boosters, protein powder, whey protein and much more you can visit

Let’s use muscle growth for starters; how does one decide what type of supplements are suitable? Mentioned below, you will find five of the primary factors that contribute towards muscle growth that good supplements of high nutritional value can affect:

  1. Calories: Is our caloric intake sufficient to fuel your training sessions and enhance muscle growth?
  2. Protein: What is the quantity of protein intake in your diet? Around 1.5-2g protein per kg of body weight is advised for adults, which amounts to 120-160g of protein a day for a man weighing 175 pounds.
  3.  Increasing your training intensity: Training harder creates a more significant impact to promote muscle growth. You can increase your weights, reps and resistance to help.
  4. Slow muscle breakdown: Intense weight training can cause significant muscle damage – adequate protein and nutrients can help to reduce this.
  5. Optimizing hormone levels: Testosterone plays a vital aspect in promoting muscle growth. Your fat, Zinc and Vitamin D intake can all help to enhance your testosterone level.

Once you understand your dietary weakness, you can look at supplements to cover the deficit.

  1. Calorie Deficit: If you’re not eating enough or have a very high metabolic rate, try using a weight-gainer to add some extra calories to the diet.
  2. Protein Deficit: A high-grade whey protein shake will provide an excellent quality source of muscle growth for your body.
  3. Lowered training intensity: Creatine is highly popular as it’s a high-intensity energy source. A product such as an Aftermath contains Creatine, alongside carbohydrate, whey protein and HMB.
  4. Diminishing muscle breakdown: A slow-releasing protein taken in the night will help you.
  5. Optimizing hormonal levels:  Taking Zinc, Vitamin D, and Fish Oils in prescribed doses will help regulate testosterone levels.

Appropriate Supplement Timings



If you’re training early in the morning or preparing to work out after a long day at work, your energy levels can be below. It could also be that you’ve been stagnant at a plateau during training and need a boost to get you out of a funk.

A pre-workout supplement should help you receive mental focus, energy, performance benefits and, on many occasions, increase your pump during a session.

Start by taking a pre-workout shake around 45 minutes before your training.

During the Workout

If the training sessions are substantially long or involve a very high-intensity round with several drop sets, super-sets, and more, taking a product during your workout, often referred to as ‘Intra’ supplement, can help.

This during or intra workout drink provides the muscles with amino acids during a session to reduce muscle breakdown and increase protein synthesis required for muscle growth.

Sipping on a 500ml pre-workout shake during your most intense training sessions will keep you charged up.

Post Workout Supplements

This is called the ‘golden window’ to send nutrition to your body. Typically, there is no particular time period to consume carbs or protein. However, taking them as soon as possible will help you refuel and deliver protein to the muscles in recovery and start the growth and repair process as soon as possible.

Mix a protein shake as soon as you get home after working out. Follow the drink with a balanced meal around 60 to 90 minutes later. Post-workout recovery is an ongoing process and doesn’t stop with a post-workout drink.

Supplement FAQs


Is Creatine safe for regular consumption?

-Creatine is one of the most sought after training supplements available, with countless peer-reviewed papers. Creatine is not simply safe but also is proven to be highly effective.

Can we mix a shake and drink it later?

-The answer depends on how long it is later. Ideally, mix your shake and drink it straight away. If you have to mix it a couple of hours before drinking, that’s no issue. However, leaving it for hours and hours increases the risk of bacterial growth.

Protein is needed for muscle growth, but is consuming a lot of it good?

-More is better, but only up to an extent. The present research shows no real benefit of consuming above 2g protein per kilogram of bodyweight.

Do fat burners work?

-Fat burner isn’t a quick fix and won’t make up for an appalling diet and a non-existent training schedule. What fat burners can help with is increasing the metabolism and the number of calories you burn from fat. It can also help to reduce your appetite.

Can one take multiple supplements?

If you’re taking a lot of supplements, you should possibly reassess your diet. If you’re taking different accessories for different nutritional benefits, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Some health problems may require special dietary supplements, so talk to your physician or nutritionist about your specific nutritional needs. You may also consider the best male enhancement pills if you are having sexual health issues. For most men, the bottom line on vitamins and men’s health is this: If you eat a well-balanced diet, take a standard multivitamin, lots of water and supplement with 1,000 IU of vitamin D every day, your nutrition needs should be covered. We hope this helps you achieve the fittest version of yourself!

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