7 Success Secrets from Seasoned DJs on How to Make It Big

7 Success Secrets from Seasoned DJs on How to Make It Big

7 Success Secrets from Seasoned DJs on How to Make It Big

If you are a music enthusiast and love partying, becoming a DJ makes a perfect career choice for you.  But building a career in the industry requires a lot of hard work because the competition is daunting, and there are talented people around. You have to think beyond practicing in your bedroom or playing for free to achieve success and popularity. However, there isn’t a proven roadmap for this career role because it is pretty unconventional. But you can rely on success secrets by people who have made it big in the landscape. Here are some secrets shared by successful and seasoned DJs.

Secret #1- Cultivate love for music

Success in any industry is about being passionate and loving your work. The music industry isn’t an exception. You need to be extra-passionate to build a career out of a creative art form. You have good prospects if you are a born music lover, but you can also cultivate a love for it. Pick a niche and develop your taste by following top artists. Attend events and network with like-minded people because you will need a mentor down the line. Start small, discover more, and you will be ready to dive deep sooner than you expect. Just find your passion and stick to it. But make sure that you do not try too hard when you just start. Take it easy and enjoy the learning curve.

Secret #2- Get some real work experience

The next stage of building a successful career as a DJ is to gain some real work experience. Playing in your bedroom or basement sounds like fun, but it will not give you the kind of confidence you need to handle real events. It comes with exposure, so make sure you get it, even if it is small, to begin with. Convince a friend to let you play at their family event because you need a start. Helping someone else is an excellent idea as it gives you the opportunity to hone your skills with expert tips. Be inventive, look for opportunities, and grab them as they come. Never miss out on mentorship because it is a secret that most successful DJs swear b.

Secret #3- Focus on creating an excellent collection

Once you get a start, you will be confident about taking gigs. Accept everything that comes your way at this stage, whether individual gigs, local events, or club residencies. At this point, you will need to build a music collection. Focus on picking the best DJ mixtapes because they can be the stepping stones to success. Never stop because building up an awesome collection is a lifetime thing. There’s always something better around the corner, so keep adding up to what you have. The bigger your collection is, the better are the chances of success.

Secret #4- Invest in the right equipment

It isn’t a big secret, but most aspiring DJs end up skimping on it because they do not think of it as a real career. If you are serious about making a name in the industry, having the right hardware is non-negotiable. You will have to invest a hefty sum, but consider it as the first step towards building a professional career in the music industry. Have a checklist ready and plan a budget so that you can pick stuff gradually. Start with a mixer and a turntable and controller. You can buy down the line as you get some savings with regular gigs. Equip yourself with a digital audio workstation (DAW), and you are good to go.

Secret #5- Be professional and reliable

It is often hard to imagine yourself as a typical professional because a DJ’s job is nothing like regular 9-to-5 work. But real winners in the industry emphasize the importance of being professional and reliable just like anyone else would be. Looking like a pro gives you a good start because it creates a first impression on the crowd. As a rule, you must always be on time. Successful DJs prefer to reach early to get comfortable and feel the vibe of the crowd. Once learn to connect with the crowd, nothing can stop you from reaching the top. Even as you succeed, be approachable and build a fan base.

Secret #6- Add marketing to the mix

When it comes to building a fan base, you cannot undermine the value of marketing yourself as a brand. The music industry is full of talented people, and visibility makes you a winner. Playing at events is only a small step at this point. The real impact comes with building an online presence because the audience is here. A website is indispensable because your fans will expect to see it when they search your name online. Leverage popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to extend your reach. YouTube and Sound Cloud are great venues to showcase your skills and connect with your audience.

Secret #7- Work hard and stay committed

There are plenty of success stories of overnight sensations, but don’t let them drive your thinking. These are only exceptions. Successful DJs have long days and sleepless nights behind them because they are essential ingredients of the recipe. Be realistic and do not expect to attain a superstar status right out of the gate. Hard work and commitment to your craft are the best tools to get you on the success route. Stick to the career option, no matter how much people try to dissuade you. Go the extra mile to polish your skills, work with experienced artists, learn from them and find your niche. Success will come down the line.

The final piece of advice is to trust your abilities and keep moving forward. If you are passionate enough, the right opportunity will come in time and give you the start you need. A perfect mix of skill and art, along with excellent networking and marketing abilities are the things you need to make it big as a DJ. Build on what you have and imbibe the missing ones, and you will succeed!

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