Discover the New You with 2021 Fashion Trends for Men
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Discover the New You with 2021 Fashion Trends for Men

With the ever-evolving trend of clothing new- ins and outs, it is certainly hard to keep up with your wardrobe as well as your wallet. After all, you surely don’t want to fall behind the latest menswear.

Now that you’re spending most of your time in the insides of your house- all thanks to the global shutdown and work-from-home culture- you’re tired of the ever-growing toll. What if you come to know about 2020’s trends spill over to 2021?

That’ll be a blessing in disguise, folks!

With the upcoming clothing industry trends, you indeed wish to nail the key looks. However, before you get going, know that blindly following each seasonal trend is nothing more than a recipe for poor style. And an uncomplicated way of bankrupting yourself. Thereby, always retain your self-respect by differentiating between fleeting fads and future classics. And, to give you a nudge, here are some movements worth incorporating into the wardrobe this 2021.

Loosening Up:

Form-hugging fits played the trend game pretty well, but the year 2020 saw their final finish off. From the baggy denim to oversized tailoring, loose cuts paved their way from the fashion fringes and into mainstream menswear.

Loosening up marks the sartorial shift, which is sure to continue in the next decade.

Great Outdoors:

It’s tricky to say that the era will be remembered for the hindsight trends. Pockets are plentiful, and the biggest names in the fashion industry are playing with technical fibers, Choloha, and bird-watching street cred as all-time highs. This wasn’t just a trend that made lives easier but also inculcated a sense of independent style while setting boundaries of the so-called everyday life!

Commando Soles:

For several years, the overarching trend in footwear fashion marked a tremendous shift from simplicity and minimalism towards bulkiness and OTT styling. The rise of maximum is unambiguous evidence of the sneaker world.

What’s even better is that the commando soul depicts an answer to sneaker madness. And, why not? These are bold as well as bulk and have ways of altering your overall shoe look. In addition, selecting the right shoes offer stupendous traction in wintery conditions. Thus, this trend is a few of the many that’s both practical and stylish at the same time.

More Gorpcore:

Great outdoors and high fashion began flirting a few years from now. Now that you hear shouts from the rooftops declaring their profound love for one another- fashion journos label this as the gorpcore. Know that this, in a literal sense that means a colloquial term for the trail mix, or let’s say, good peanuts and old raisins.

No matter what you call the trend, know that fashionistas consider gorpcore the most likely trend to stay in here.

Relaxed Tailoring:

As you move forward into 2021, breezy silhouettes are sure to continue the eclipse slim and fitting cuts. And why not? It’s the resurgence of 1980s and 1990s styles, which are up for some time now.

Another thing to cater your keen attention to is that this style isn’t everyone’s’ cup of tea. But believe when the fashionistas shed light on its beauty when executed properly. One type of advice includes taking a walk on the broadside and paying your local tailor a visit. After all, relaxed cuts can be flattering, provided they fit correctly!

The Verdict- Fashion Forward 2021

Checks, pinstripes, relaxed legs, and technical jackets are some men’s fashion trends to embrace in 2021. Which are your favorites? Share your thoughts!

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