Big Sports to Watch in 2021
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Big Sports to Watch in 2021

If this past turbulent year has taught us anything, it’s that you never know when a big disruption might come to the ordinary schedule of things, and with the postponement and cancellation of many events over that period of time it allowed for viewers to start exploring different sporting options – the same was true for other aspects of gaming too as the changing environment has allowed for the rise of gambling options like at Wish casinos for example, alongside the gaming space that has become a sporting marvel in itself with esports. If you’re looking to find something new to watch this year, what should you consider?

Formula 1’s extended race calendar – Considered the queen of motorsports with cars zipping round tracks at over 200mph, F1 has always been a great choice for anyone interested in motorsports but has been something that’s tougher for newer viewers in recent years as it has been a one-team race. Things have seemingly changed a little this year however as there’s a lot more competition at the front of the grid leading to some exciting racing, and with the longest race calendar in the history of the sport, there’s plenty to watch throughout the year to get your fix too.

Big Sports to Watch in 2021

Combat sports continues to thrive – Whilst there has been a lot of drama around the boxing scene recently particularly with YouTubers getting involved and questions around whether or not the fights being seen are a sham, one thing that it has helped however is combat sports in general as the likes of the UFC are starting to record huge numbers and with some huge headline events still to come this is likely to continue. It’s certainly not for everyone and pay-per-view causes problems of its own, but if you haven’t tried yet, perhaps consider giving combat sports a go.

Growing world of esports – Although vastly different from the other entries on the list, it’s tough not to mention the successes that esports as a whole have managed to find in recent years and particularly over the past few year in general, there’s a lot of diversity for the games available although the big four are centered around first-person shooters and multiplayer online battle arenas, but you’ll be sure to find something that fits your own niche interest. The big difference for esports also comes in the fact that streaming the biggest events is free, so there’s no requirement to register or pay for a subscription service to watch weekly events.

There are plenty of great options to check out, some available for free and others not so much, but certainly keep an eye out for changes to the online space as many of your favorite sporting events may become much more accessible moving forward.

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