Dayton Family FBI for Throwback Thursday
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Dayton Family FBI for Throwback Thursday

Dayton Family FBI for Throwback Thursday

Welcome to another Thursday, as that mean we are closer to the weekend. The week started off by listening to the new album from Lloyd Banks and Migos. We had some Atlanta flavor with Kilo, Gucci Mane and the 6 o’clock Vol. 1 joint from Greg Street. New York was represented with Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes and Onyx. We are going in another direction for the featured Throwback Thursday joint. The FBI album from Dayton Family was also played this week and it’s a very underrated album. The What’s on My Mind project was dope and FBI album made them one of my favorite groups. Dayton Family got some love from the south after they appeared on Master P’s Down South Hustlas project. For the featured track, I’m picking the album title, FBI to be the one. FBI is one of many hits off the album from Dayton Family.

The album dropped on Oct. 1st of 1996 and it debuted in the top-10 at the time. The FBI album was their last one they dropped until 2002. Unfortunately, they never recaptured the moderate success they had in the 90s. Hand That Rocks the Cradle, Stick & Move, Ghetto and Real with This are my other top 4 tracks. Check out the track above for FBI, which stands for Fuck Being Indicted. As always, the track listing and stream links can be found below.

  1. 79th & Halstead
  2. Hand That Rocks the Cradle ft. Night & Day
  3. FBI ft. Lorie Coleman
  4. Real With This
  5. Player Haters ft. Night & Day
  6. Eyes Closed
  7. What’s On My Mind II ft. Night & Day
  8. Killer G’s
  9. Posse Is Dayton Ave.
  10. Blood Bath
  11. Newspaper ft. Lorie Coleman
  12. Stick & Move ft. Night & Day
  13. Ghetto ft. Night & Day

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