Daddy’s Hangout 2021 Western Conference Finals Prediction
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Daddy’s Hangout 2021 Western Conference Finals Prediction

Daddy’s Hangout 2021 Western Conference Finals Prediction

How exciting has the NBA playoffs been? We have now arrived at the Western Conference Finals. The Phoenix Suns will take on the Los Angeles Clippers for a spot in the NBA Finals. The Suns are still searching for their first NBA title. The Los Angeles Clippers have finally reached the conference finals in their 51 year history. The Clippers were one of my favorites to come out of the west this season. Unfortunately, the Phoenix Suns were not on that list despite being a top team all season. The success of the Suns will hinge on the availability of Chris Paul. As we all know, Chris Paul will at least the first game as he’s in Covid protocol. On the other hand, the Clippers will be without Kawhi Leonard for at least the first two games. Who will advance to the Finals and hopefully win their first chip?

How Phoenix Will Win?

The Suns will have the homecourt advantage for this series. Phoenix have been playing great basketball on both sides of the ball. As mentioned before, the availability of Chris Paul will be huge for this series and the success of the Suns. Chris Paul will have extra motivation when he returns seeing they’re playing against a former team. Devin Booker has showed he’s one of the best players in the league. DeAndre Ayton will need to get his fouls under control. With Cameron Payne starting while Paul is out, he will need to continue to be aggressive on the offensive end. The defense for the Suns will need to control all the weapons for the Clippers. Phoenix is playing like a team on a mission and all the rest should work for them. Can the Suns find a way to continue to elevate their game and advance to the Finals?

How Los Angeles Will Win?

The Clippers have advance to their first conference finals in their franchise history. This is what Los Angeles envisioned when they brought in Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. We still don’t know the significance of the knee injury to Kawhi Leonard. We know he will not travel to Phoenix and his status for Game 3 is uncertain. The Clippers won their final two games against Utah without Leonard. Paul George stepped up in Game 5 and Terrance Mann in Game 6. Reggie Jackson and Marcus Morris have stepped their games up in the absence of Kawhi. Can Paul George look like the player he was in Indiana? How will Terrance Mann play against a tough, defensive squad like the Suns? Will Reggie Jackson and Marcus Morris continue to play as well as they have? If and when will Kawhi return from injury?

Who Advances to the NBA Finals?

How many games will Chris Paul miss will determine this series? Chris Paul has been playing some of his best basketball in his career. The Suns have been consistent and one of the best teams in the league all season. The Clippers have been looked at as one of the favorites to win the title over the last two seasons. As mentioned, this series will be dependent on if Paul or Leonard can be a part of the team and contribute. This is a series that will go at least 6 games. Devin Booker will have a chance to show the world that he’s a bonafied star. Can Terrance Mann continue to prosper and be the player that the Clippers need? In the end, I’m going with the Clippers to advance to their first NBA Finals. Los Angeles Clippers Win 4-2

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