Why Dating Your Spouse is Important Once You've Had Kids
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Why Dating Your Spouse is Important Once You’ve Had Kids

When you have children, especially little ones, life is busy. You’re tired, and there are a lot of different demands on your time. One of the things that can easily get forgotten about, or not given as much care as it might have before, is time with your spouse. When you’re feeling exhausted as a result of having young children around, then as much joy as they give to you, something usually has to give. However, making your spouse or partner a priority really is important.

Dating your partner or spouse is just as important now as it once was. You don’t want to get the children all grown and then when it is just back to you two, that you no longer have anything to talk about or don’t enjoy each other’s company anymore. If you think that dates with your spouse can wait, then it is time to think again, otherwise, you might need to look into child support and divorce. Keeping your relationship alive is important, no matter how long you have been together, how many children you have, or anything else.

If you think you need a few more reasons to convince you, then here are some of the reasons why it is something that is so important.

Why Dating Your Spouse is Important Once You've Had Kids

Keeps romance alive

It can be easy to be romantic in the early days of getting together. Naturally, you want to show your best side and make a real effort. However, keeping that once you live together and have seen all sides of each other, you need to keep that romance alive. When you date your spouse or partner, you will be focused on them and thinking about what makes them happy. Intimacy is something that is fragile, so it does need to be cared for and nurtured.

Dating is enjoyable

Family life is something that can be filled with a lot of fun and laughter. But for the majority of the time, the fun is focused on the kids and their needs. When it is just your spouse and you, the focus is different and you can have fun and laughter that you both enjoy, without having to think of your children. Having some fun in your life is important, especially when there are stressors and anxieties in regular life.

Modeling a healthy relationship

By their nature, children are quite ego-centric. They don’t necessarily see the significance of the small things when they are young, although they are taking it all in. When they get older, they will see the healthy relationship that their parents have had, and it will be a good foundation for them as they navigate relationships of their own. If they see parents that are never romantic with each other or parents that argue and bicker all the time, they can learn from that, which isn’t going to be a good thing.

Trying with your spouse is so important for a number of reasons. What can you do to make more of an effort?

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