Keith Sweat Released Self-Titled Album 25 Years Ago
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Keith Sweat Released Self-Titled Album 25 Years Ago

Keith Sweat Released Self-Titled Album 25 Years Ago

Keith Sweat was one of my favorite singers growing up. The Make It Last Forever and I’ll Give All My Love to You albums are two of my all-time favorite. Those two albums mentioned set the tone for what we expected from a Keith Sweat project. 25 years ago today, Keith Sweat released his self-titled album. The album went on to sell over four million records and proved he’s one of the GOATs of R&B. The Keith Sweat album was his 5th one and he hit us with Twisted as the first single. Twisted was a fixture on the R&B charts upon its release. The single sold well over 1.5 million copies and has been named one of the best slow jams of the 90s. Twisted carried the album for a few months until Keith Sweat dropped Nobody.

Nobody was the second single and it almost sold two million copies. Nobody was also a fixture on the R&B charts after it was released. The single was released in September of 1996. Keith Sweat eventually released two more singles in 1997. Come with Me and Just a Touch were the records, but they didn’t have the same success as of previous two. Overall, the album received high marks with it being one of Keith Sweat’s better albums. Ronald Isley, Gerald Levert, Aaron Hall, Kut Klose and Athena Cage made appearances on the album. Twisted, Nobody, Come with Me, Funky Dope Lovin’ and Just a Touch are my top 5 tracks. Check out the track listing and stream links below for the Keith Sweat album.


  1. Twisted ft. Kut Klose and Pretty Russ
  2. Funky Dope Lovin’ ft. Gerald Levert, Aaron Hall and Buddy Banks
  3. Yumi
  4. Whatever You Want
  5. Just a Touch
  6. Freak With Me ft. Lil’ Bud & Tizone
  7. Nature’s Rising (Interlude)
  8. Come With Me ft. Ronald Isley
  9. In the Mood
  10. Show Me the Way (Interlude)
  11. Nobody ft. Athena Cage
  12. Chocolate Girl

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