Comfort Is Key: Make Your Office Ideal For All!
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Comfort Is Key: Make Your Office Ideal For All!

As an employer, it’s up to you to ensure that everyone who works for you is comfortable. You wouldn’t work in an office that was uncomfortable and start your business that way, so you shouldn’t expect your staff to do the same. There’s no magic spell that will force your employees to enjoy coming to work in the first place, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do all that you can to make your office the ideal space for them to work. There are very few things that make employees want to come to work, but you can do as much as you can to make the idea of work a fun and comfortable one.

So, with this in mind, you need to make your office comfortable, and we’ve got the tips you need to make your office the ideal space.

Comfort Is Key: Make Your Office Ideal For All!

  1. A Home Away. Don’t get us wrong, there’s no real way to make your office feel like a home – your employees aren’t stupid, and they know they’re at work. However, it doesn’t have to be all business all the time. You know that your employees are going to spend more time in your office than they do in their home, so you can make it comfortable. Adding small business time clocks to the walls and comfortable sofas throughout adds those little touches. You can upgrade the kitchen, too, with added touches to make a sterile environment seem more homely. Sure, it’s not home, but it’s better than feeling like it’s a working environment.
  2. Don’t Stamp Out Chit-Chat. Yes, people are in your office to work hard, but no, they don’t need to be told to be quiet. You’re dealing with adults, and they are far more likely to break restrictive practices when they’re being constantly enforced. Communication is so important in the working environment and while people will still be gossiping over their favorite shows from the night before, you can encourage this – as long as work gets done, does it really matter?
  3. Remember, They’re Adults. Not everyone has the spare money for new suits and shiny shoes, so make sure that you are relaxed about dress codes. If you do have a need for people to be dressed up for work, encourage people to dress down on days that meetings aren’t scheduled. They’ll be forever grateful that you don’t make them feel uncomfortable during the working day. People’s ability to work hard doesn’t change just because they’re in jeans.
  4. Build It. Weekly lunches, Friday breakfasts and even a weekly evening out are all excellent ways to build and forge great relationships outside the office. Employees usually find out that they have more in common this way, and this enables them to work better in the office.
  5. Reward, Reward, Reward. When your team is doing well, reward their hard work. Even those who aren’t in a sales team could use rewards from their manager, so don’t just focus on the people who are converting customers. Remember that everyone has an integral part in making your business great, and they all matter.
  6. Perform Assessments. Not everyone can stomach the same chairs and desks so before you go furniture shopping, get some feedback. Yes, the uniform look of the same shaped desks and chairs all looks lovely, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can show your employees that you trust them to be comfortable at work by listening and going with what they need.
  7. Open An Anon Box. No one is going to come forward with a grievance if they can avoid it. They won’t want to have fingers pointed at them and be put in a negative spotlight. So, it’s up to you to ensure that you give people a safe space to air out any grievances and make complaints. Consider it as feedback and don’t be defensive over it; people need a space to vent and to get out any issues. It will help them if it’s anonymous, too.
  8. Be Positive. As their employer, you need people to feel positive about coming to work every day. It’s vital that you also take a vested interest in what people have to say each day. Be positive and present as an employer, and you’re going to see a huge difference in the way that people come to work. Be the type of employer you wish you’d once had!

Comfort is important for your employees, and you should do what you can to make them as comfortable as possible.

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