A Dad’s Guide to Deal With Sore Muscles from Working Out
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A Dad’s Guide to Deal With Sore Muscles from Working Out

A Dad’s Guide to Deal With Sore Muscles from Working Out

Fitness is a lifestyle for modern dads, but workout woes can keep you from staying committed to your goals. It is hard to keep your motivation levels high when sore muscles inflict severe pain. You will probably feel like missing out on exercise and staying in bed every other day. But there are ways to deal with workout woes and get closer to your fitness goals by exercising every day. Let us share a busy dad’s guide to deal with post-workout sore muscles.

Listen to your body when you start

The best way to manage muscle soreness is by preventing it in the first place. Listening to your body is half the work done. It is easy to overexert when you just start the regime because you are enthusiastic and motivated. But ensure that the transition is slow and comfortable. Let your muscles align with the routine with easy exercises first and build gradually. Seek a professional trainer’s advice to get the right start.

Do light stretching

Stretching can do wonders for sore muscles as it releases tightness and increases the range of motion. While it does not heal the tears or speed up recovery, you will feel much more comfortable after some stretching. But remember that you must focus on light and easy stretches because you are already in pain. Once again, listen to your body and stretch only if you can.

Try CBD salve

As a busy dad, you will expect quick relief from cramps and soreness to get back to work and childcare duties. A CBD salve can do the trick because it offers relief from pain and boosts recovery. You can try cool and refreshing metaflora for quick and lasting results. It is cooling, refreshing, and soothing on sore muscles. The best part is that the product is natural, so you need not worry about side effects.

Apply heat

Using a warm towel or heating pad over the affected area can help relieve the ache. It stimulates blood circulation, which can ease tightness in the muscles and relax them. But you need to be careful with heat application. Remember that the pack should be warm, not hot. You can soak in a tub of warm water to address the overall soreness. It will provide temporary relief and help you sleep better. Alternatively, an ice pack can also help relieve pain and soreness.

Rest and recover

Rest can do wonders for sore muscles as it gives them a chance to repair and rejuvenate. It also replenishes your energy levels, making you ready to get back to your schedule with full force. Taking a day off is a good idea if the pain is unbearable. Trainers recommend resting the day after an intense workout. You can opt for light workouts like swimming and walking if you still want to exercise.

Dealing with muscle soreness is easy if you pay attention to the body cues. Just take it easy and relax, and you will feel better sooner rather than later.

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