Crucial Conflict Released The Final Tic 25 Years Ago Today

Crucial Conflict Released The Final Tic 25 Years Ago Today

Crucial Conflict Released The Final Tic 25 Years Ago Today

In the mid-90s, great hip hop music was represented in every area of the United States. During that time, the Midwest emerged with a brand new sound that took off. We all know about Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, but there were many others that followed. Twista, Do or Die, Top Authority, Dayton Family and many others were putting out great music. Crucial Conflict was another group to emerge during this time period. Crucial Conflict released The Final Tic 25 years ago today. The group consisted of Kilo, Wildstyle, Coldhard and Never. Two months before the release of the album, they dropped the only single for the album. Hay was the name and it quickly went gold and was featured on many mixtapes during that time. Hay has been named one of the dopest tracks coming from any artist out of Chicago.

If you didn’t know, Hay is of course weed and it was a really popular song back in the day. The Final Tic eventually went gold and the project was really dope. As mentioned, the Midwest had a very different sound, but it was good. The Crucial Conflict joint is one of the many CDs I bought then and still have the original copy. Hay, Showdown, Desperado, Final Tic and Tell It to the Judge are my top 5 tracks. Overall, this was one of the better albums that dropped in 1996 and there were plenty to pick from. Check out the video for Hay up above. You can peep the track listing and stream links to The Final Tic below.

  1. Intro- Don’t Let It
  2. Final Tic
  3. Showdown
  4. Desperado
  5. Life Ain’t the Same ft. QBall
  6. Hay
  7. Tell It to the Judge ft. QBall
  8. Ride the Rodeo ft. Toi
  9. To the Left
  10. Just Getting My Money ft. Tasha Keller
  11. Get Up
  12. Hay (Remix) ft. T-Babe & Toi

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