4 Great and New Ways to Spend Your Spare Time
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4 Great and New Ways to Spend Your Spare Time

4 Great and New Ways to Spend Your Spare Time

The pandemic has seen many of us get into routines that involve little adventure and little time outside of the house. After having been encouraged to stay indoors as much as possible, many of us have been left feeling lost now that life is slowly returning to normal and restrictions are being lifted. At the same time, we’re pretty bored. So, why not try out a few new activities and hobbies that can give you something to do and enjoy? There are countless options you could try here, but for now, let’s focus on a few popular favorites.


While the majority of us have tried out mini golf at some point on a family vacation or a day out with friends, a much smaller number of us have tried our hand at golf at a driving range or on an actual course. This is surprising, as it’s an activity that many derive great joy from and there are golf courses local to most areas. So, why not look into improving your skills and move onwards and upwards from your days of mini golf? You need relatively little to get involved. Invest in some comfortable golf wear and the best golf driver for beginners. If you have friends who are interested, you can head out with them and make it a social day out too!


If you’re yearning for a getaway, you’re far from alone. The pandemic has meant that many of us haven’t had a break or getaway for over a year and a half now. With limitations still in place on international travel, more local travel could be a good second option. Now, there are a number of ways to go camping. You could head out into the wilderness, but it’s generally recommended that beginner campers head to a campsite. Here, you will find safe spaces to camp in with day to day amenities that will make your trip much more pleasant. Whether that’s working toilets, showers or power points where you can charge your phone.


Sure, you’ve probably watched a lot of TV recently, but when’s the last time you went and saw a new film on the big screen? More and more cinemas are opening their doors to limited numbers of people, so figure out what you’d like to see and book a ticket to a screening. There’s something great about heading into a proper movie theatre, picking up some popcorn and a drink and kicking back in a big, cinema style chair. More releases are making their way to the screens now that actors can go ahead with filming processes.


If you’re still feeling reluctant to head back out in the world, you don’t have to rush yourself. Instead, you can stick to activities closer to home. Gardening is something that has experienced skyrocketing popularity with people recently. As long as you have a garden, it’s pretty accessible.

These, of course, are just a few suggestions. Hopefully, one or two appeal to you and can give you something enjoyable to do!

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