Aaliyah Released Final Album 20 Years Ago Today
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Aaliyah Released Final Album 20 Years Ago Today

Aaliyah Released Final Album 20 Years Ago Today

Aaliyah was one of the most beautiful and talented singers in the late-90s. She hit the scene at the age of 15 with her debut album. Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number sold over 3 million records and solidified her as a bonafied star. She released five singles off the debut joint. The first two, Back & Forth and At Your Best went gold and are all-time classics. Two years later, Aaliyah came back with her second album, One in a Million. One in a Million almost went 4X platinum and sold a total of 8 million records worldwide. The album produced six singles with One in a Million and 4 Page Letter being classics also. Almost five years later, Aaliyah dropped her and unfortunately her final album. The following month she passed away as she was a passenger in a plane that crashed.

Aaliyah was only 22-years-old at the time of her passing as its still felt amongst her fans. The 20th anniversary of her passing is coming up in a few short weeks. 20 years ago today, Aaliyah released her self-titled project and it debuted #1. We Need a Resolution was the debut single for the album. More Than a Woman was the second single and it was released almost three months after her passing. Rock the Boat was the final single released and it was the video she shot right before her death. Who knows what kind of music and impact Aaliyah would have done in the future. At the time of her passing, she was arguably the biggest star in R&B music. She was just becoming a woman and had so much potential.

More Than a Woman, I Care 4 U, Rock the Boat, We Need a Resolution and Never No More are my top 5 tracks. Unfortunately, the only way to listen to this album is have a copy of it. The people seeing over Aaliyah’s estate has been negotiating with streaming companies about her music for a while. Either way, this was an amazing album and we all wish we had the Princess of R&B with us today. Below is the track listing for the Aaliyah album, which was her third and final project.


  1. We Need a Resolution ft. Timbaland
  2. Loose Rap ft. Static
  3. Rock the Boat
  4. More Than a Woman
  5. Never No More
  6. I Care 4 U
  7. Extra Smooth
  8. Read Between the Lines
  9. U Got Nerve
  10. I Refuse
  11. It’s Whatever
  12. I Can Be
  13. Those Were the Days
  14. What If
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