Maintenance Checklist To Keep Your Car In Good Shape

Maintenance Checklist To Keep Your Car In Good Shape

Maintenance Checklist To Keep Your Car In Good Shape

Keeping your car in good condition sometimes becomes a daunting task. You need to change its oil every 5000 miles, ensure that tires are inflated to the correct level, pay attention to the battery, and much more.

However, you can’t ignore the fact that regular maintenance helps prolong the vehicle’s life by reducing the risk of breakdown. Moreover, it is also cost-effective. It helps in identifying any underlying issue with the vehicle. Thus, you can do timely repairs and save thousands of dollars.

Not to forget, it also improves the vehicle’s overall performance, ensuring the safety of the driver as well as the passenger. Besides these, there are several other benefits of regular car maintenance. That means there is no harm in taking some time out of your busy schedule and paying attention to your beloved car.

Having said that, here is the maintenance checklist to ensure that your car runs smoothly. Scroll down!

Check the fluids

There are several types of fluids that help vehicles run smoothly. Generally, these fluids include engine oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, coolant, and brake fluid. You can recognize these liquids by their color. For instance, engine oil is generally black or dark brown in color. Similarly, brake fluid is somewhat transparent yellow but turns brown with time.

Nonetheless, it is essential that all these fluids are kept at an appropriate level. Otherwise, it can affect your driving experience. Also, as per the rule of thumb, you need to change the fluids after 3 years or 30,000 miles.

Note: If you notice any auto fluid leaking, it could be due to unidentified damage. Therefore, you need to take it to the mechanic immediately.

Inspect the tires

Another thing you need to do is to check the tire pressure every month. Appropriate tire pressure helps reduce the wear and tear of tires and also ensures good gas mileage.

While checking the tire pressure, you need to pay attention to the PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) and inflate or deflate the air pressure accordingly. Additionally, it would be better if you use the same tire pressure gauge every time.

Note: The best time to check the pressure is in the morning before driving. The reason being is that you need to check the cold inflation pressure. If you drive the car, it’ll increase the pressure; thus, you’ll not get the appropriate pressure.

Test the lights

Remember the quote, “Safety is the priority.” Headlights are one of the key safety elements of your car. Burnt-out or broken lights might lead to an unfortunate event. Therefore, you must replace them or repair them immediately.

Pay attention to the brightness of the lights; replace them when they start to get dim. However, to avoid premature bulb failure, it would be better if you handle the bulb with a paper towel or wear gloves. It’ll also prevent skin oils from depositing on the glass. Also, keep the lenses spotlessly clean.

Check the brakes

Another crucial gear that makes driving safe is brakes. Therefore, during your monthly/weekly maintenance, you need to inspect the vehicle’s brake pads. They are the reason why your vehicle stops when you press on brake pedals. The pads apply friction against the metal disc, thus halting the car. However, due to the friction, the pads start to wear down. Thus, needs replacement.

If you hear any screeching noise when you apply brakes or feel resistance in the brake pedal, it is a sign that the Brake pads need replacement. Therefore, you should take your car to the mechanic as soon as you notice these signs.

Note: Whenever you take your car for tire rotation, you should ask the mechanic to check the brake pads and tire pressure.

Inspect the cabin air filter

If your cabin air filter gets dirty due to debris and dirt, it’ll damage the car’s blower motor. This could affect the AC or heater, and the vehicle might not smell good. Therefore, you must replace the filter. In fact, it is quite easy, so you can do it yourself.

It is generally located in the air ducts behind the glove box (or in some models, you can find it in the console area). First of all, you need to purchase the replacement cabin air filter from a nearby auto part store. After that, remove the access cover and slide out the old filter. Note the directions of airflow arrows. Slide in the new filter in the proper orientation, following the arrows. Reinstall the covers, and you are all done!

Now you can breathe in quality air and enjoy a better driving experience.

Change the windshield wiper.

It is extremely easy to tell whether your windshield wiper needs to be replaced or not. If the blades are not wiping clean or they streak, it is a clear indication that you need new blades. Otherwise, worn-out blades can cause visual impairment and scratches on the glass, which can result in an accident.

Therefore, you must keep the windshield clean and replace the wiper regularly, especially during the rainy and snow season.

Make sure you buy the highest quality blades with better UV protection, even if they are expensive. Also, while removing the blades, keep a firm grip on the wiper arm. Otherwise, it may hit the windshield and crack it.

Wash The car

Last but not least, you should wash your car often. Keeping your vehicle clean can help prevent long-term damage and will keep it as good as new. Dirt and pollution affect the vehicle’s exteriors; thus, it makes the car look dull and old. Regular wash can protect the paint and also improves fuel efficiency.

Not to forget, if you ever made a mind to sell the car, you’ll get a good price for a well-maintained car.

To sum it all up!

Your car is one significant investment of your life. It is obvious that you want it to stay in good shape for a longer period. Fortunately, with the checklist mentioned above, you’d be able to improve the condition of your vehicle and enjoy smooth rides.

Nonetheless, if you ever face any trouble in the working of a vehicle, contact the mechanic immediately.

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