Heal Migraines and Take Steps for Improving the Quality of your Life

Heal Migraines and Take Steps for Improving the Quality of your Life

Cluster headaches and migraines generally take a toll on you, mainly when they occur regularly. Even worse- visual disturbances, nausea, and tearing eyes accompany the migraine, affecting around 12 percent of Americans.


“For chronic migraine, there are no triggers; life is my trigger. For chronic migraineurs, there are no cures; there are only patches that will get you through to the next bout. Have we tried acupuncture, herbal remedies, diets, standing upside down on our heads? Yes. The answer is if we have gotten diagnosed with chronic migraines, then we have tried anything, and if by chance we have been able to get up and put our mask on that day, please let us wear it, under our sunglasses and large hats. It took a lot to get there, and ain’t nobody got spoons for that.”

                                                                                              – Emily A.


A chronic migraine sufferer

Headaches tend to last somewhere between 4 to 72 hours, making everyday activities unbearable. While painkillers help in reducing the pain of cluster headaches and migraines, these are often accompanied by some side effects, and patients tend to experience interactions. And that’s where CBD steps in.

CBD or cannabidiol is the primary substance present in the cannabis plant and is famous under marijuana. It has become a go-to-go remedy for catering to a wide range of ailments. But how does it help in alleviating your cluster headaches and migraines? Well, reading below will enable you to find solutions to all your problems.

What’s the Deal with Cannabinoids?

Even though CBD comes from the marijuana plant, it does not have psychoactive effects. It is because marijuana has another compound that’s responsible for psychoactive effects, namely THC.

Thus, before adding CBD to your medication list, ensure checking the ingredients and cannabis compound composition.

What are the Benefits of CBD on Migraines?

While research on therapeutic CBD uses for cluster headaches and migraines has a limit, CBD has shown some promising effects on conditions like pain and inflammation. Many CBD users say that concentrates like northern lights cannabis indica reduce the severity and length of migraine attacks. As per research back in 2017 on 48 chronic migraine patients showed promising results.

Their product contained around 200 milligrams of the compound with around 9 percent of CBD. And, the good news is the pain is reduced by 55 percent. Many CBD users also claimed that the compound reduced the severity and length of migraine attacks.

What are the Ways of Using CBD?

There are many ways of consuming CBD. You can either ingest it, apply it topically, and even vape it. However, the easiest way of consuming CBD for attaining relief against cluster headaches and migraines is in the form of a capsule. Or you can even place a few drops under your tongue.

Since there are no guidelines about the amount of CBD to take for migraine attacks or cluster headaches, it is always wise to talk to your doctor for determining the dosage. Start with small dosages and increase them with time. By doing so, you’ll be able to adjust to the substance and help you determine an apt dosage for yourself to address the specific situation.

Final Words

CBD works wonders for addressing several health issues. All you need is a little research and physician consultation if you experience frequent migraines. Believe when the experts claim the potential for CBD. The doctor will examine your condition and advise on the issue accordingly.

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