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Nutrition for Dogs; What Exactly Should You Feed Them?

Nutrition for Dogs; What Exactly Should You Feed Them?

Dogs are definitely a man’s best friend. These are the companions that will not leave your side and will always stay loyal. There are so many dog lovers in the world and for good reason. Whether you are thinking of adopting a dog as a new family member, or are even thinking of changing your dog’s food, it is important to understand what kind of nutrition they require. There are a lot of things one should avoid feeding dogs such as chocolate, which can be very dangerous and detrimental for their health. You should consider your dog’s activity level, size, age, and weight before deciding on their nutrition. You should also consult a veterinarian if you have never had a dog or puppy under your care.

Check if your dog food meets regulatory standards

There are certain standards given by the Food and Drug Administration for pet foods. All brands need to go through this check in order to be verified. Most states require pre-market approval of the brand in order to see if there are any harmful chemicals or substances in the food. Most of these regulations are based on certain recommendations given out by the Association of American Feed Control Officials. When you go out to shop for dog food, be sure to check if there are labels mentioning that the food meets AFFCO standards to provide your pet with a good quality feed.

Understand their nutritional needs

Your dog’s nutritional needs are based on its breed, size, age, weight, and physical activity. For example, a dog that participates in sporting events has different nutritional requirements than that of a dog that is not as active. Working and athletic dogs thrive on food that is high in protein and fat content, while the same food may be detrimental for a dog who is small and does not get that much exercise. Be sure not to overfeed your dogs since this can cause joint problems and obesity. There are special foods formulated just for small dogs, often containing smaller kibble pieces. A completely balanced meal for them should include vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, and fat.

Pay attention to their treats

Just like us, dogs also like to snack. You can give them treats for a job well done, or even when they do not feel good. It is important to check the quality of the treats that you get for your pet as it can affect their health. Even if you get bully sticks for dogs, make sure to not give them more than once a day or it can also end up ruining their appetite. Make sure the treat is not too hard and they can chew on it with ease.

Your dog’s nutritional preferences

Even if you end up changing their feed because you think that the new brand is better for them, it is of no use if your dog doesn’t like it. Some dogs prefer wet food while others prefer dry kibble. There are also a lot of dogs that are fed normal food and do not eat kibble at all. Be sure to keep this in mind when changing their feed.

It is vital that you pay attention to your dog’s nutrition. Giving them proper and well-balanced meals will help them live a nice and full life.

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