8 Popular Batting Techniques to Learn When Playing Cricket
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8 Popular Batting Techniques to Learn When Playing Cricket

8 Popular Batting Techniques to Learn When Playing Cricket

You want to follow your dream. You want to emulate the success of your favorite cricketers. You keep on asking yourself the same question again and again.

“What can I do to improve my performance as a batsman?”

You have what it takes, the potential, the drive, the ambition, and the vision. But what you need is the right guidance and practice.

The answer to your question is right in front of you.

Your favorite batsmen and bowlers are not just your role models or popular sportsmen that you have grown fond of. They are your heroes. You could do a lot better if you just had a leaf from their book of achievements. As an aspiring batsman, you know that your job is to respond to the ball and only the ball. You have to have focus and the confidence to deal with difficult situations on the field. No matter if the bowler you face is a hundred times more experienced than you. If you have the right attitude and know the appropriate batting technique, nothing is impossible.

You should start by incorporating the following tips and techniques from cricket coaches and experts from all around the world into your game. Let’s begin:

1. Focusing On Your Stance and Setup

Make sure that your feet are evenly spread apart when you are on the crease. Your toes should be lined up with the center stump. Your body weight should be in the middle of your front and back feet which is going to allow you free movement. Your head and shoulders should always point towards the bowler. The grip on your bat should be dominant with your top hand and relaxed with your bottom hand.

2. Assess The Space

Can you head to the crease without assessing the space? Do not pay attention to the fielders. Try not to get distracted when on the field. Look at the space available close to the boundaries. There will be several areas that will allow you to score more runs than others.

3. Stand Forward in Your Stance

It is always important to have a strong stance. Your head should be forward and still. Batting is all about your intent which is to score maximum runs from each ball. But remember, the bottom line is to put all your energy into the ball and send it in the right direction.

4. Choosing The Correct Bat

How can you forget about this massively essential aspect? You should be able to find a wide variety of cricket bats in the market. But then, have you ever thought about what a custom cricket bat Kent order could do for your game? It is going to increase the speed at which you can take a shot. It will enhance your power. It is going to complement your style and up your game by several notches. You don’t just get more confidence with it but also:

  • A superbly comfortable grip and stance
  • The ability to play with more strength
  • You can keep a check on your balance
  • Lets you move back or forward easily depending upon the length of the ball
  • Keep your neck in the right position to view the ball hassle-free

5. Playing To Your Strengths

You should always play to your strengths. If you are a front foot player, play to it as follows:

  • The most important points here are your balance, head position, and transfer of body weight
  • Keep your back foot planted behind the crease
  • Get a stable base and resist walking through the shot
  • Remember to bend your front knee and push off from your back foot which will keep the ball on the ground
  • Ensure that your weight is in the right direction, preferably where you want the ball to go
  • The top elbow is going to be high, and the top hand will lead the shot
  • Follow through; your bat is going to follow the path of the ball
  • Maintain your body balance and position after the contact is made

Likewise, if you are a back-foot player, play to it as follows:

  • The same key elements at work here include your balance, head position, and transfer of weight
  • Keep your movements decisive and super sharp once you have understood that the ball is short
  • Remember to push off the inside of your front foot to transfer your body weight to the back foot
  • Your back foot is going to move back and across
  • It should be in line with the off stump
  • The next position of your back foot will be parallel to the crease
  • Your shoulders and head will be in the direction of the shot, especially for back foot/defensive
  • Keep your head high and stay as tall as possible to keep on top of the ball

6. Getting Off-Strike

It is very easy to get off-strike. All you have to do is know your singles as well as your rotation areas. Remember to practice this in the nets as often as possible.

7. One Ball At A Time

You must set small goals. This is the only way to manage your winnings. You have to be fully alert and present with every ball. That is your goal, and you should keep that in your mind.

8. The Object of Your Attention

The object of your attention is always going to be the ball. Focus on it and remember that you have to track it to your bat.

At The End of The Day

Every cricketer suffers from loss of form. It’s quite easy to get over and get back in the game. You just have to stay calm and focus on your game plan. Remind yourself of your betting strategy that you have been following up until now to win all your matches. Consider the upcoming ball as your favorite throw. You will soon be able to feel how it is to play your number one stroke. Tell yourself that you are going to hit that ball and you will never miss it. Get your emotions back on track and your dream of becoming a successful batsman will turn into reality soon.


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