3 Helpful Tips When Creating the Perfect Man Cave
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3 Helpful Tips When Creating the Perfect Man Cave

Although devices have changed with the likes of mobile allowing us to play our favorite games when looking here at some of the best from anywhere, a little time to yourself is still a blessing and if you have a space dedicated just for that then it’s certainly worth doing right – but what should you keep in mind when creative your man cave, and what should you be putting inside?

A big center piece – If you’ve got enough space, you’ll want something nice and big in the middle of the room, whether as a spot to gather around with friends or just something that stands out. The go-to choices are the likes of pool tables or foosball tables, but it’s certainly becoming more common to see poker tables or bigger gaming choices like DND tables or similar. Have it be well lit with some good seating and a place to put down drinks or food, and you’ll be the envy of all your pals when they come over.

3 Helpful Tips When Creating the Perfect Man Cave

Don’t neglect your console space – Whilst it won’t be something in the middle of the room, tucking your gaming set-up over to the side of the room can certainly be done well with some nice highlight lighting with LED strips and a comfy chair. You may even want to purchase the best chair for console gaming to make sitting and gaming for long periods more comfortable. Whilst it may be tempting to grab the biggest TV possible and stick it up on the wall, consider alternatives like a large but very fast monitor if you’re going for performance, or if you’re looking for a space to watch movies as well as game, perhaps look into buying projectors as some can be very cheap and just as good.

A space for your snacks and beers too – If you’ve got a little left in the bank to really splash out, creating a little bar for yourself can be done on budget too if you’re willing to do a little DIY. Getting some good timber can be found for a good price, and a little woodworking can get you a nice little bar area set-up with plenty of blueprints or guides online for showing you the shortcuts too – particularly good if you’re hoping to socialize, but if you’re just going down there for time to yourself, a mini fridge is more than good enough.

It can be hard to find the money to put aside for such a project but a little bit at a time is all it takes and given you’re able to find some great deals for bits and pieces online or can even do a little handwork, there’s never a reason a mancave should be out of reach, and why a little bliss time to spend by yourself at the end of a long day isn’t possible.

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