3 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom

3 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom

When you were a new parent, you decorated your new baby’s room the way you wanted to decorate it. Your baby had no say in the matter. As your child grows, however, they will want to make decisions about their room themselves. You may be ransacking your brain trying to come up with new ideas for your child’s bedroom, because most children change their minds every couple of years. If you are searching for some great ideas for your child’s room, here are some suggestions for transforming a room into something your child will want to spend time in.

Play to Their Favorites

There’s nothing wrong with taking a favorite theme or pastime of your child and using it to decorate their room. For example, if your child loves music, why not use sheet music as an inspiration for your budding musician? You can get copies of sheet music, such as Somewhere Over the Rainbow sheet music, from a music distributor, and use it as a theme. If your child loves to play instruments, you can get miniature instruments to use as decorations, or even create an instrument themed headboard, bookcase, or bulletin board. Why not create a treble clef headboard with a bass clef footboard? Talk about inspirational!

If your son or daughter loves to play sports, you can organize a room around the sport or sports they love. Put a putting green or a batting cage in their room, for example. Have a basketball lover in your family? You could make a basketball themed room, complete with bunk beds that double as a basketball goal. The older your child is, the more likely they will have a favorite sport or hobby they will love for years.

Take a Page Out

Have a son or daughter that is a book series reader? Why not decorate their room using themes and textures straight out of their favorite novel series? For example, if you have a child who loves the Harry Potter series of novels, you can use some of their favorite parts of the series to decorate their room. You can have bunk beds complete with red (washable) velour curtains, just like Harry Potter had in his dormitory. Bookshelves are an important part of this theme, since readers will want shelves to put their favorite books on. Whether your child loves Beatrice and Ramona, Junie B. Jones, Percy Jackson, or the Hobbit, his or her room can be a retreat into their favorite book.

For Older Children and Teenagers

As your child gets older, you will have to change the concept of their room. Teenagers require a distinctive design scheme to reflect their moving into adulthood. If you are redecorating or upgrading a teenager’s room, here are some suggestions.

Many teenagers need separate areas of their room for their unique needs during the day. They may need a desk where they can study and do their homework. Teenagers may also need an area where they can hang out and be social, so you may want to think about interchangeable seating here, such as a large freeform or beanbag chair or two. A teenager’s room needs to be specific to their needs as well. If you have an athlete in your family, make sure there’s plenty of room for his or her gear. You won’t want it lying all over the place when they come home from practice. If you have an artist, you may want to include a place for an easel, and plenty of storage room for pens, pencils, paints, sketchbooks, and other materials, especially if they love to create in their room. Have a scholar? Make sure their desk has storage for books, notebooks, a computer, and a printer.

Finally, your teenager will want to be able to personalize their room. They’ll want to put up posters, programs, photographs, and even corsages from homecoming or prom. A large bulletin board is a wonderful way for you to give your teenager room for their memories and reminders. While some people want to go all out with a themed bulletin board here, you may want to offer a plain bulletin board instead, with a large frame. Some teenagers really love having a cork wall applied as a backsplash where their desks are, where they can easily pin and unpin photos, tickets, and exam reminders. Keeping your child in mind will allow you to give them the room that they want.

No matter what kind of room your child wants, you’ll be able to help them achieve their goals if you listen to their wants and needs. Have multiple conversations with your child and make lists. You may want to look at websites and magazines together until their vision and your ideas pair up beautifully.

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