4 Business Practices That Never Go Out of Style

4 Business Practices That Never Go Out of Style

4 Business Practices That Never Go Out of Style

As the world changes, there are a variety of new ways to conduct business. Technology has made it so that things move faster, and less leg work is required to get the job done. With these advancements, a lot of traditional business methods are no longer practiced because they have become obsolete or simply too time consuming. There are, however, a few business practices that never go out of style and they should be practiced daily. Here are four business practices to keep using with your clients.

Handwritten Thank You Notes

The thank you note goes a long way. Showing your appreciation for someone’s time and efforts to do business with you makes anyone feel noticed. This small act of kindness also puts you high in their favor and they are most likely to always remember you and remember that you are a generous and kind person. Handwriting the note takes it to another level because it shows that you also took the time out of your busy schedule to write a note that was written by you and not an assistant or co-worker. Sending it through snail mail is another great touch as everyone loves getting mail because it has become a thing of the past since email and text.

Printed Materials

Everyone nowadays wants to put everything on social media, especially their marketing. The marketing world has become all about likes and shares, but the trick with social media is that your target audience needs to follow you to see you. Using printed marketing materials like cards and flyers makes everything more personal. Not only can you design a personal printed experience, but it can be custom tailored to whomever you are sending it to. Learn more about printed marketing in order to gain from its numerous benefits.

In-Person Meetings

So much is done virtually that it seems almost useless to meet in person, but that’s not true. In-person meetings still remain the greatest way to conduct business. There is never the worry that technology will glitch causing delays or making it hard to understand the other person. You can speak freely in real time making it easier to connect. Also, being in the same room prevents you from being distracted by things popping up on your screen or notifications coming through because you won’t be staring at a computer. There is also the building of the personal connection between you and your client that cannot be achieved through a computer screen.

Talk On the Phone

Everyone communicates through text and email but talking on the phone still remains supreme. You can connect with people over the phone and get a sense of who they are by hearing their voice. There are also no assumptions to someone’s tone or how they feel about certain things because you will be able to hear their voice using their words. It’s more efficient to talk on the phone than other forms of communication. It may seem old school, but it works.

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