5 Smart Ways You Can Legally Hide Your Money
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5 Smart Ways You Can Legally Hide Your Money

In the current economy, with the globe going through a recession, paying taxes can be pretty challenging, even for the wealthy. Although evading tax from the IRS is illegal, there are ways to lower it by finding means to hide your money legally. In the coming years, the tax regime will transform substantially. If you’re worried about protecting your assets from high taxation rates or your spouse, here are legal ways to hide your money.

5 Smart Ways You Can Legally Hide Your Money

Purchase homes

In some states, such as Florida, there are tax collection exemptions for home buyers. If you use, say, one million dollars to purchase a home, you protect your money from the IRS until you decide to sell it.

Apart from buying a home, you can also build vacation homes and rent them out. Instead of investing in mortgage interests where the standard deductions have increased, you can reduce income and property taxes by itemizing your money. If you rent out a vacation home for fewer than 14 days annually, the rent you receive is tax-free. However, renting it out for more days also reduces your interest and tax expenses.

Get life insurance

Universal or whole life insurance has permanent cash value; it’s one of the places rich people hide their money. Getting life insurance is an excellent way to eliminate market risks and taxes that present themselves in other investments and assets. Life insurance allows you to take money out as tax-free loans against your death benefit policy. Although there’s the risk of kicking the bucket when you still have a loan, your insurance company will take the debt owed from the death benefit and distribute the rest to your beneficiaries.

Invest in precious metals and cryptocurrency

Precious metals include gold, silver, and diamond, among others. When you buy these metals from modern coin mart, locking them somewhere safe is the only way to protect them. On the other hand, Blockchain is growing in popularity, with many people investing in cryptocurrencies, like erythreum and bitcoin, for their anonymity. However, these can pose a challenge if ever their value decreases.

Indeed, cryptocurrency prices are infamous for plummeting to disappointing lows almost as quickly as they rise to dizzying highs. Nevertheless, it appears the benefits of investing in cryptocurrency outweigh the cons as the years go by. For instance, Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies with a limited supply cap are considered good hedges against inflation. Also, unlike stock markets that are only open on weekdays during regular business hours, crypto trading is on renowned exchanges at all times. Consequently, you can head to renowned exchanges like Binance to purchase Ethereum or any other popular cryptocurrency at any time or hour of the day.

Hire family

If you’re a business owner, you can use the tactic of hiring your spouse or children and paying them wages. Even the IRS agrees that this is one of the best advantages of operating a business where your family members are employees. It gives your business a write-off, and your child or spouse can transfer the money into a tax-deferred account. While these accounts protect your money from taxes, ensure you follow the laws, such as withholding essential payroll taxes.


By creating an International Asset Protection Trust within appropriate jurisdictions, you can not only hide your money from the IRS but also anyone, like your spouse. Additionally, you can transfer money free of taxes to your heirs.

You can grow your money by reducing the chances of it being taxed. Some ways the IRS catches you lying are through your income details, spending, and holding income. Be wise and get life insurance, hire family members, open trusts, build/purchase homes, and purchase precious metals to hide your money legally.

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