Wicked Wayz From Mr. Mike Released 25 Years Ago Today
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Wicked Wayz From Mr. Mike Released 25 Years Ago Today

Wicked Wayz From Mr. Mike Released 25 Years Ago Today

Suave House Records is one of my favorite rap labels of all-time. 8Ball & MJG were their biggest acts, but they had others beside them. Tela, Crime Boss and South Circle all dropped classic albums as they were included in my Suave House collection. Mr. Mike was a part of South Circle with Thorough and he dropped his debut album the following year. Wicked Wayz was the name of the project, and it was released 25 years ago today. The Wicked Wayz joint featured 8Ball & MJG and Ice Cube and it was a great album. Stop Lying is my favorite song off the album as it was featured as a Throwback Thursday before. The album reached the top 5 on the Billboard charts after its release. Unfortunately, there were no official single that was released off the Wicked Wayz album.

This was the final album that Mr. Mike dropped under the Suave House umbrella. Unfortunately, we didn’t get another solo or South Circle album. Mr. Mike stayed active by signing with Priority as he dropped an album called Rhapsody in 1999. Mike was dropped and we didn’t really hear from him afterwards, but the Wicked Wayz album is dope. Stop Lying, Untouchable, Where Ya Love At, Wicked Wayz and Total Shock are my top 5 tracks. Check out the track listing and stream links below.

  1. Intro
  2. Southwest ft. E-A-Ski
  3. G’s Perspective
  4. Where Ya Love At?
  5. Total Shock
  6. Untouchable
  7. Can You Feel Me
  8. Midtro: Here’s Your Ticket
  9. Wicked Wayz ft. Ice Cube
  10. Da Boogie Man
  11. Dope Fiction
  12. Game Affiliation
  13. In the Midst of Smoke ft. Nola
  14. Life On Tha Line
  15. Stop Lying ft. 8Ball & MJG

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