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5 Actionable Stress-Busting Ideas for Busiest Dads

5 Actionable Stress-Busting Ideas for Busiest Dads

A father’s life seems a tad easier as they have fewer responsibilities than mothers. But there is still a lot to do between work deadlines, shared household responsibilities, and childcare. The tight schedules seldom leave time and space for self-care. A stressful lifestyle can take a toll on your health before you know. Fortunately, even the busiest dads can follow some actionable stress-busting ideas to get life on track. Here are some helpful insights that experienced Canadian dads have to share.

Fit quick workouts into your schedule

A little exercise takes you a step closer to stress relief. It can pump up your energy levels and even make you feel happier because of the instant surge in serotonin levels it creates. Fitting exercise into the schedule may sound challenging. But it is possible to look and feel good without spending hours at the gym. Break up workouts into smaller chunks and space them out during your day when you have time available.

Play with the kids

The simplest way that busy dads can experience lasting stress relief is by playing with the kids. Make it a part of your daily routine, whether you do it early in the morning or when you are back from work. Invest more in playtime on the weekends. Pick age-appropriate games because they make kids and dads happy and relaxed. If you have older children, take them for a drive or watch a movie together. It is all about spending quality time as a family.

Try cannabis for stress-relief

When stress becomes extreme, it is time to seek a wellness aid. Cannabis helps you achieve relief and relaxation naturally and without side effects. The good thing is that it is legal across Canada. If you live in Winnipeg, you can easily find a reputed and legitimate weed dispensary Winnipeg to embark on a wellness journey. Make sure you pick the right product for relaxation and opt for a discreet method of consumption.

Get adequate sleep

When your schedule runs tight, you tend to cut back on sleep. A lack of enough sleep can aggravate your woes beyond imagination. You feel lethargic at home and make errors at work. A good sleep routine with at least 7-8 hours in bed every night sets you up for a stress-free life. Cut down screen time, keep the lights low, meditate, and sip on a cup of herbal tea to sleep better. You may even wish to make a kratom tea with a strain of the Southeast Asian herb that is particularly good for sleep – you can read more here about kratom, if this is something you are interested in exploring.

Limit your caffeine intake

Grabbing a cup of coffee seems like a great way to feel an energy spurt, but it is the last thing you should do. Caffeine can make you more tired in the long haul because it causes sleep deprivation and restlessness. Ditch your coffee and cola habit and embrace healthier alternatives like herbal teas and fresh juices. You will feel less anxious and more energetic with these healthy drinks.

Living a stress-free life is completely possible, even if you are the busiest daddy. Follow these simple lifestyle tips and take a step closer to holistic wellness.

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