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The Evolution of Car Keys and How They’ve Changed

The Evolution of Car Keys and How They've Changed

Daddy is your son recently curious about the several types of automotive car keys out there. And, why not? He wishes to know the very existence of that traditional key hanging up on the wall and the one that he turns on the button now.

Well, now that your kid’s question has made you take a deep plunge into the knowledge pool, you set a path to discover all about the automotive car keys out there. In much of today’s world, the car keys are fast-evolving with technological change.

After all, this information when determining the locksmithing services for your car. The locksmith experts outline the different types of keys and their evolution. Let’s get going with discovering what these are:

Traditional Keys:

  • The late 1940s: One type of key that has sworn to provide basic security to motor vehicles ever since its inception is mechanical keys.
  • Edge Cut Mechanical Key: These keys are the garden variety keys you can find in automobiles before 2013 with cuts on the key edge. These keys can find their easy duplication by the standard key machines, which you can find in a hardware store. However, suppose you lose all copies of the edge cut key. In that case, you require a trained auto locksmith to determine the code or specifications. After all, you cannot drive a car without the car keys!

Remote Keys:

The next car key evolution allowed users to lock and unlock their vehicles remotely. These also had additional functions like remotely opening the trunk, having a panic button, and remotely starting the car. There are numerous sizes, shapes, and levels of security available in remotes.

  • The 1980s: The VAT keys introduced in the 1980s were one of the first remote keys on the market. These were a result of the General Motors security system production. These keys remained functional until the 2000s, when General Motors introduced the Transponder Keys.
  • The early 2000s: Transponder keys combine mechanical edges with an RFID chip. These keys further hinder the deter force attacks on the locking systems of the vehicles. In case of a break or a lost transponder key, the process of creating a new key poses a significant challenge. And that’s when you require an auto locksmith that’s trained and uses efficient technology. Ultimately, it’s about creating new copies.

The Modern Keys:

After seven decades of key evolution, vehicle manufacturers continue to increase car security. Currently, there are two types of keys that provide the highest level of convenience and safety.

  • The 2000s: Remote keys were the forward steps in the critical evolution. With significant growth in technology, the manufacturers set on a path to combine the mechanical key and transponder into a single unit. Today, most vehicles use remote head keys, which provides security to advanced vital systems and the conventional mechanical critical approaches that have convenience.
  • Slot Keys: BMW was the originator of these keys. These keys needed no key rotation switch. Instead, you need to insert a slot key and push the button to start the car. By doing this, the number of moving mechanical parts is cut down. These rely on the electronic security embedded in the slot key. After all, it’s about preventing unauthorized vehicle access.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the main types of keys, each of which needs knowledge and training for duplicating or replacing. Now that you know the generation of your car vehicle, it will be worthwhile to share this information with your son. And the valuable information will also help you in calling a locksmith.

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