The Usher 8701 Album Turns 20 Years Old Today
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The Usher 8701 Album Turns 20 Years Old Today

The Usher 8701 Album Turns 20 Years Old Today

When you think about great R&B artists over the last 25 years, Usher’s name will usually come up. Usher entered the game at the age of 15 when he dropped his self-titled debut joint. Three years later, he returned with his second album, My Way. My Way went on to sell over 6 million records making Usher a megastar in the process. Less than two years later, he released a Live album to close out the 90s. Usher released his 3rd album a couple years later. The album is called 8701 and it was released 20 years ago today. Some call this one the album before the classic Confessions project. 8701 has sold over 4 million copies and over 8 million worldwide while racking up numerous awards. U Remind Me was the first single off the album and it dropped about 3.5 months before the album.

U Remind Me is a dope track and it eventually earned Usher his first Grammy Award. Two weeks after releasing 8701, Usher dropped his second single U Got It Bad. U Got It Bad was another smash-hit for Usher and actually was a seldom used term. U Got It Bad was the #1 song in the country for 6 times in a two month span. At the beginning of 2002, Usher released his third single off the album named U Don’t Have to Call. U Don’t Have to Call was a more up-tempo joint from Usher where he displayed his dancing skills. The track was produced by the Neptunes and during this time, all they did was drop hits. Usher released two more singles from the album. Overall, 8701 is a great album from Usher that didn’t disappoint. Below is the track listing and stream links for 8701.

  1. Intro-Lude 8701
  2. U Remind Me
  3. I Don’t Know ft. P. Diddy
  4. Twork It Out
  5. U Got It Bad
  6. If I Want To
  7. I Can’t Let U Go
  8. U Don’t Have to Call
  9. Without U (Interlude)
  10. Can U Help Me
  11. How Do I Say
  12. Hottest Thing
  13. Good Ol’ Ghetto
  14. U-Turn
  15. U R the One

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