Jay Z Kanye West Watch The Throne Turns 10 Years Old Today
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Jay Z Kanye West Watch The Throne Turns 10 Years Old Today

Jay Z Kanye West Watch The Throne Turns 10 Years Old Today

Jay Z and Kanye West have developed a very intriguing history with each other. As we all know, Jay Z gave Kanye his shot on the track, This Can’t Be Life off the Dynasty album. Kanye brought his magic to the Jay Z’s classic Blueprint album the following year. In 2004, Kanye dropped his debut project The College Dropout which is considered a classic. Jay Z dropped his Blueprint 3 album in 2009 and Kanye released My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy in 2010. The following year they put out the Watch the Throne project. The Watch the Throne album was reviewed after its release and there were only 2 songs I wasn’t feeling. Over the years, the relationship between these two have been strained. With Kanye about to release his Donda album, they have reunited for a track on the upcoming album.

They released H.A.M. and Otis before the album was ever released. Lift Off, Niggas in Paris, Why I Love You, Gotta Have It and No Church in the Wild are the others that was released. This is a classic album, and we are ready for the Donda album to hear their collaboration. Watch the Throne went on to sell over 5 million records and a lot of praise for the project. Check out the track listing and stream links below.

  1. No Church in the Wild ft. Frank Ocean
  2. Lift Off ft. Beyonce
  3. Niggas in Paris
  4. Otis ft. Otis Redding
  5. Gotta Have It
  6. New Day
  7. That’s My Bitch
  8. Welcome to the Jungle
  9. Who Gon Stop Me
  10. Murder to Excellence
  11. Made in America ft. Frank Ocean
  12. Why I Love You ft. Mr. Hudson
  13. Illest Motherfucker Alive
  14. A.M.
  15. Primetime
  16. The Joy ft. Curtis Mayfield

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