7 Amazing Reasons To Keep Taking The Picture
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7 Amazing Reasons To Keep Taking The Picture

When you become a parent, your phone blows up. No, it doesn’t actually explode, but it blows up with photographs. From the moment your partner is pregnant, the pictures keep coming and the selfies together start ramping up – your life is about to change, so documenting these moments is important. When the baby comes, out comes your phone to capture photos and grab the moments that matter. Photographs really do matter when you have a new family, because it’s in these pictures that you have something to look back on one day. It’s these photos that get turned into photo books and albums of the silly photos, the loving photos, the pictures you give your children when they’re adults and want to share their childhoods. Photographs bring joy. In some cases, they bring sadness.

They remind you of a time that you have long forgotten, and they remind you of the smiles of the people who have long gone. We’re lucky to live in a time where we don’t need to carry huge cameras anymore, because we now have one in the back pocket of our jeans. We now have a camera we can access wherever we are in our iPhones, and understanding how to free up storage on iPhone is going to help you to keep taking those photographs without having to delete too much! Photographs should never be deleted if you have good ones. Either print them out or convert them to a photobook – either way, you can ensure that you have a record of your lives together. You need photos to be able to look back and we’ve got seven reasons you should keep whipping out your phone and taking the photos.

7 Amazing Reasons To Keep Taking The Picture

  1. Photos will always be immortal. That moment your newborn baby is out? That photo of their screaming face and wrinkled skin? You’ll be able to transport back to that exact moment and remember exactly how you felt when your child was born. You can print these photos and put them into your wallet, and you can look at them whenever you want. They’re immortalizing the subject to trigger those precious memories.
  2. As we get older, our memories fade. A photograph is a visual reminder that we have lived, and we have grown. They’re reminders that we can tether to moments our brains have stored away.
  3. You can save space with your photos. When you have all your pictures on your iPhone, you can increase the storage and keep them in the Cloud until you’re ready to print. This is vital if you don’t have the money or space to print everything into photo books right now!
  4. When someone we love has died, a photo can be that capture of their life’s essence on a screen. Sometimes, the photos we take can replace the thing itself. If you loved your first car and took a picture of it, the chances are that you are going to love being able to look back on it – even if you don’t have the car anymore. You can continue to remember the very first car you once had, and this will help you to build a memory off it. You can bring the pictures out whenever you like and build on it!
  5. Photographs of places and things that we see allow us to curate our own vision boards. If you have goals in life, taking a picture of a location or anything you want can help you to manifest it. The more you look at that photograph, the more you can think about what you really want. You can make a vision board without actually having to put one together, and this is important if you want to make sure that you are taking the photos regularly. Those images put together are going to give you all the best reasons to keep fighting for what you want.
  6. Photographs are often a wonderful way to foster your creativity. The images are beautiful, and you can stay engaged with the world when you take the pictures that inspire you.
  7. Your photo album is also your diary. Think about it: all of the pictures that you take are date and time stamped so you can go back to that particular day in your life and transport yourself there. Nothing you do will be forgotten because you have documented it in your photo diary.

You should always keep taking pictures. Life would be boring if you didn’t remember everything that was relevant. You only get one chance at this life!

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