A Beginner’s Guide for Music Production Like a Pro

A Beginner’s Guide for Music Production Like a Pro

If you are an avid music lover who wants to start a career in the industry, a good beginning assures success. Your first production decides your way ahead because it shows your potential and works as a morale booster. But there is a difference between playing for fun and producing music for a living. You need to think like a seasoned professional even with your first music production experience.

Achieving success, the first time goes beyond having the right equipment and knowing the production techniques. You must think like a professional, and the confidence will show in your first piece itself. Thankfully, you can access some helpful advice from successful musicians who have already made it big. Here is a simple guide for beginners who want to start with music production like a pro.

Start with a vision

A concrete vision gives you a head start with your first project. Combine it with creative thinking, and you are all set for success. It is easy to start on the fly when you are a beginner, but knowing your genre and specialty makes you more confident. Additionally, you will not end up making and scrapping a dozen versions of the same song. It makes sense to have a clear idea of where you want to go and change things as you progress. You will probably end up with a final product close to your original vision. The best thing is that you wouldn’t waste much time and energy to create it.

Find a comfortable work zone

While most newbies will think of stepping out of their comfort zone, it is the last thing they should do. Stick to your genre and choose a comfortable work zone for your first production. You can start with a home recording studio at your place or even at a friend’s house. A professional studio may not be the best place to start because it can be intimidating for beginners. Moreover, you can save a lot of money by skipping the idea and recording in a home studio. Not to mention, you have the flexibility and unlimited time to make mistakes and correct them.

Don’t skimp on equipment

A home recording studio is the best investment you can make for your career in the long run. Pick the best equipment rather than compromise on quality. Whether it is speakers, monitor, DAW, memory, or preamp kits, you must get only the best and the latest. You can start with a budget and Wishlist and keep adding over time instead of diving right in. Beginners can consider options like borrowing or renting until they can have all the essentials in place. Once you are there, you can go ahead with your music production dreams.

Learn the right techniques

Having the right equipment in place is only half the work done. You also need to learn the production techniques to come up with brilliant end results. Once you choose software, learn everything about it. Mastering the skill will enable you to combine pieces of music together. Learn the art of using reference tracks to enhance your mixing skills. Focus on gaining experience down the line, and you will soon discover the fastest and most efficient ways to produce music.

Eliminate distractions

A valuable piece of advice most newbies and even seasoned musicians ignore is to eliminate distractions from your work settings. You will have to work a tad harder if you choose to record in a home studio. There are more distractions to deal with, so you must go the extra mile to steer clear of them. Ideally, you must soundproof your home studio to keep outside noise out. Turn off your smartphone and television once you get into music production mode. If you can afford, have separate computers for production and non-production tasks such as managing emails and social media.

Think outside the box

While defining your genre and style makes it easy to start, you shouldn’t confine yourself. Be ready to experiment and think outside the box. You can even seek inspiration from other genres and your favorite artists. Sticking with the tried-and-tested sound seems like a safe bet for beginners, but it can restrict growth. You can make stellar music only by taking risks. Mistakes will happen but embrace the learning they bring. Try something different now and then, even after finding comfort with something during your initial production sprees.

Stay close to originality

Even as you look for inspiration from your favorite artists, don’t go overboard with it. You may end up losing your originality and sounding like someone else. The music industry already has rock stars, and it needs one-of-the-kind artists. You can become one by staying close to your originality because it makes you unique. Steer clear of lifting or copying lyrics, melodies, and mixes. Try being original with your tracks, and you have good chances of achieving success sooner than you imagine.

Take a break when you need one

The last thing you should do is force yourself to produce music because it never works for artists. Every musician may hit a creative block at some point, and nothing seems to go right when it happens. It is a good idea to hit the pause button and take a breather at such times because you will only lose your way if you try. Take a walk or read a book if you want a short break. Alternatively, you can consider locking the studio and taking a break for a weekend to reset your creativity. You will surely have ideas brimming once you are back.

As a new artist, you cannot expect overnight success with your first music production, so be realistic when you start. It may happen if you are lucky, but most musicians must traverse a longer road to success. Learn from your mistakes because they can be your best inspiration. Stay persistent with your efforts and you will eventually make it big if you stick to your goals and dreams.

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