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The Shocker From Silkk Turns 25 Today

The Shocker From Silkk Turns 25 Today

No Limit Records is one of my favorite record labels of all-time. Death Row Records is my number one, but No Limit is a close second. Silkk the Shocker was one of the bigger artists during their time at the top. 25 years ago today, Silkk released his debut album The Shocker. The Shocker was released at a time when No Limit was starting to make a name for themselves. Back in the spring of 1996, Master P dropped his Ice Cream Man album. The Ice Cream Man album went platinum and No Limit was no longer just a popular southern act. Four months later, Silkk came with his debut album and it furthered No Limit as a record label. It didn’t have the success of the Ice Cream Man, but it showcases other artists on No Limit.

Master P, C-Murder, Mia X, Big Ed and Skull Duggery all appeared on the album. Honestly, this wasn’t one of my favorite No Limit albums, but it was good. There were some misses like Mr., It’s On, Freeloaders and a few others. There were also some gems like Murder, The Shocker, Why My Homie, Ghetto 211 and a few others also. How We Mobb, The Shocker, Murder, Why My Homie and Ghetto 211 are my top 5 tracks. Check out the track listing and stream links below.

  1. Murder ft. Master P & Big Ed
  2. I Ain’t Takin’ No Shorts
  3. I Represent
  4. The Shocker ft. Master P
  5. No Limit Party ft. Master P & Mia X
  6. Freeloaders ft. Mo B. Dick
  7. 1 Morning
  8. How We Mobb ft. Master P
  9. It’s On
  10. Ain’t Nothing
  11. Ghetto Tears ft. Master P
  12. It’s Time to Ride ft. Master P
  13. If My 9 Could Talk
  14. Commercial One ft. Skull Duggery
  15. Got ‘Em Fiending ft. Master P
  16. My Car ft. Pure Passion & Mo B. Dick
  17. Ghetto 211 ft. Master P
  18. Why My Homie ft. Master P & C-Murder

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