5 Accessories That Make You Look Cooler Than Others

5 Accessories That Make You Look Cooler Than Others

Your party is going to be incomplete if you do not have the right smoking joints and the most appropriate and functional accessories. It is not just about being cool. It is about being able to organize a pleasurable and fun event. If you want to be a great host, you must pay attention to the following list of cannabis smoking accessories to include in your shopping list.


Can you do without this basic accessory? Lighters have evolved and become even more beautiful than they used to be. You can find customized and portable lighters very easily. If you are a traveler, you can invest in a small-size necklace lighter as well. Some of these products can give you around 3000 lights within your budget. You can find a great lighter for around $12 or so. Some of them are rechargeable and come with a USB port as well.

Herb Grinders

If you thought that herb grinders are not going to prove useful, you were wrong. You do not want to visit your neighbor to borrow a grinder in the middle of the night. This is one of the best portable accessories that you could use. A reliable and beautiful herb grinder is going to be a valuable addition to your smoking accessories. Just place the broken marijuana buds inside the grinder and rotate the parts as instructed in the manual. Get them to the consistency you desire, and you are done. Most herb grinders are available in aluminum, acrylic, and other lightweight metallic constructions.


A lot of cannabis lovers can’t seem to decide which strain or product to pick. You can Google them or look for options on Mr Weed Near Me, or run to your nearest dispensary, or perhaps ask a friend who has a stash. They would advise you to get enough blunts for the whole party which are a popular favorite by the way. This is not an accessory but an addition to your smoking stack that can give you a great high. The shape of this product is different from a regular cigarette that you get in the market. Blunts are only going to last you for about 5 minutes but the effect is fantastic.

Rolling Trays

A rolling tray is a very essential accessory. Where are you going to roll your cigarettes if you do not have a tray to hold them? They come in various sizes and beautiful textures. The designs are totally out of this world and your stash is going to look pretty inviting once you rest them in these trays. They add a whole lot of convenience to your party and help you roll your joints very fast and easily. Say goodbye to all the mess that you would otherwise end up making without these rolling trays.

Dab Rigs

If you are looking for a heavier high, dab rigs make it easier for you. These dabs are more concentrated and if you are looking for a long-lasting effect, they are perfect for you. Investing in a dab rig is a practical thing to do because this helps you consume various forms of marijuana such as wax, shatter, and butane. If you are new to it all, take it a little slow and easy.


This was just scratching the surface. You also have a lot of varieties in smoking pipes, pipe screens, vape pens, and e liquids. So, how long do you think your shopping list is going to be?

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