Million Dollar Spot from E-40 Featuring 2Pac and B-Legit
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Million Dollar Spot from E-40 Featuring 2Pac and B-Legit

Million Dollar Spot from E-40 Featuring 2Pac and B-Legit

Welcome to another Thursday as that mean we are closer to the weekend. This should be a special one because many will have a much needed 3-day weekend. Hood Billionaire by Rick Ross, Crime Family from TRU and Checkmate by B.G. were the first played. The Carter 4 from Lil Wayne, about 3 mixtapes, Kane & Abel’s My Brother’s Keepers and HNIC by Prodigy also made the playlist. For my featured Throwback Thursday track, we are going to highlight the Hall of Game joint by E-40. This is probably my favorite project from 40 Water and the track, Rapper’s Ball has already been featured. The album featured his group The Click, 2Pac, Luniz, Too Short, KCi of Jodeci and more. The featured track is called Million Dollar Spot and it features 2Pac and B-Legit. Million Dollar Spot is a smooth track and they all came through on it.

Looking back on it, anytime Pac & E-40 were on the same track they delivered. Million Dollar Spot is one of the many dope tracks off the Hall of Game album. Record Haters, Rapper’s Ball, Million Dollar Spot, The Story and Things’ll Never Change are my top 5 tracks. Check out the song Million Dollar Spot because they didn’t shoot a video for it. Peep the album below, but first check out the track listing and then the stream links.

  1. Record Haters (Rasheed Wallace & AZ Diss)
  2. Rapper’s Ball ft. Too Short & K-Ci
  3. Growing Up
  4. Million Dollar Spot ft. 2Pac & B-Legit
  5. Mack Minister (Skit)
  6. I Wanna Thank You ft. Suga-T
  7. The Story
  8. My Drinking Club ft. Young Mugzi & Levitti
  9. Ring It ft. Spice 1, Keak da Sneak & Harm
  10. Pimp Talk (Skit)
  11. Keep Pimpin’ ft. D-Shot
  12. I Like What You Do to Me ft. B-Legit
  13. Things’ll Never Change ft. Bo-Roc
  14. Circumstances ft. Luniz, Cold 187um, Kokane, Celly Cel & T-Pup
  15. It Is What It Is ft. Kaveo
  16. Smebbin’

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