5 Safety Moving Tips Everyone Should Know
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5 Safety Moving Tips Everyone Should Know

5 Safety Moving Tips Everyone Should Know

Moving isn’t only exhausting, but it can also be more dangerous than our thoughts. When packing sharp objects and lifting heavy boxes you’re always at the risk of getting injured. On the other hand, when you hire movers NYC, you don’t have to worry about your safety because they know how to move safely.

When you don’t want to hire professionals for a moving task, and you lift heavy objects yourself, you need to ensure the safety of your belongings. For this, you must know safety moving tips. Follow this guide to learn everything about safety moving.

5 Safety Moving Tips Everyone Should Know

If you want to stay safe during a move, you need to have proper moving equipment and packing supplies. More importantly, there should be a right plan in place. Otherwise, moving can turn out to be the worst experience.

1. Gear Up

The word itself is self-explanatory. You must have the proper moving equipment that professionals use for lifting objects. It will prevent you from getting injured. Some common supplies needed for safe moving are given below:

Purchase Work Gloves

For moving heavy items, ensure that your grip is firm. You can purchase work gloves because they’re well-constructed, made of sweat-resistant fabric, and stretchable. Moreover, you won’t feel ashamed when wearing them because their designs are cool.

Moving Straps

They’re crucial because they can prevent you from shoulder, back, and knee injuries. Therefore, it’s critical to purchase high-quality moving straps. Read the instructions on the straps before using them.

Hand Truck and Moving Dollies

If you want to protect yourself from injury during a move, you’ll have to purchase everything needed to carry items. Understand the mechanics of pulling and pushing and use the equipment wisely.

Furniture Glides

They’re not for everyone, so you need to understand whether you need to move items from one place to another before moving. If yes, then bring them home for lifting heavy objects.

2. Wear the Right Clothes and Shoes

You must have heard the term Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs). They’re used to protect humans from injuries. In case of moving, you need to wear the correct type of clothes and footwear. When you ignore them, you put yourself at the risk of getting injured.

Ensure that your clothes are breathable and comfortable. They shouldn’t be too loose or tight. Baggy clothes can easily get stuck into heavy objects. It will not only damage your clothes but also put you at serious risk.

The best approach is to purchase safety shoes because they’ll help when lifting and loading heavy objects. If something heavy falls on your feet, your feet will be safe. Moreover, ensure that shoes don’t have slippery soles. All these little safety measures can protect you from severe damage.

3. Don’t Over Pack Boxes and Don’t Forget to Double Tap the Bottoms

When packing boxes, understand their weighting capacity; for example, if one box can carry 100 pounds, it doesn’t mean that you need to add 100 pounds of weight to it. You must understand your lifting capacity.

If you can’t lift heavy boxes, then don’t pack too much. Purchase small-sized boxes but ensure that you can easily lift them. When you overpack boxes, it can lead to joint, back, and knee injury. Moreover, it can damage your property when it fell on the ground.

If you have extra-large boxes, it doesn’t mean that you will add heavy objects to them. You can add clothes, cushions, and comforters to them. Whether you have bought new boxes or used ones, the best moving practice is to secure them to enhance safety. You can secure boxes by using quality packing tape at the bottom and sides of boxes.

4. Eat Healthy Diet and Keep Yourself Hydrated

It doesn’t matter whether you’re lifting heavier objects or lighter ones; it is demanding. So, you need to be well hydrated and energized for moving. Ensure that you have plenty of water, snacks, and a delicious meal on a moving day. Take frequent breaks and don’t take shortcuts.

More importantly, don’t forget to sleep well the night before your move. When you don’t do this, you won’t be mentally present on a moving day. It can lead to severe injury. High energy snacks and meals can help you make your move easy.

When you don’t take frequent breaks, your body will get tired, and you’ll get sick. Keep things simple, and you’ll be all set for moving to a new home. Missing any of these things can result in accidents.

5. Call Professionals

Moving yourself is never recommended. It might help you save money, but meanwhile, it puts you at risk. Injury to your knee and back can make you disable for the rest of your life. Therefore, hiring a professional moving company should be your first choice if you have lots of heavy objects. Before making a decision on what company to use make sure to get a quote. Not many companies will do that, so get a few quotes from places like www.suprememanvan.com and then choose the movers you feel happiest with to help you move your items safely to your new home.

It’s not only about saving money; you also need to protect your property and belongings from damage. Hiring a moving company isn’t enough because when you hire inexperienced or dishonest movers, they’ll not only ruin your moving experience, but they can also damage your belongings.

You need to research to find the right moving company. No doubt it will be a time-consuming process, but it can help you save money in the long run. Get moving quotes from reputable and professional moving companies.

Final Words

When you decide to move without hiring professionals, you must know the essential safety moving tips. Your moving day can become dangerous if you don’t have the proper knowledge and equipment for lifting and moving heavy objects. Although it will take time and investment to follow all the safety tips, but your health is more important than anything else.

After following all the tips mentioned above, you will not only be able to save money, but you can also protect yourself from injury. So, don’t take shortcuts, and follow all these tips for a safe move.

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