Surprising Freelance Jobs You Could Do From Home
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Surprising Freelance Jobs You Could Do From Home

Surprising Freelance Jobs You Could Do From Home

More and more people are realizing that working in an office isn’t for them. That doesn’t mean that they’re choosing manual labor instead; they’re taking up freelance jobs that let them work from where they want.

Not all of these roles are the same, however. Some could be better recommended than others. There are multiple reasons for this. They’ll all offer many of the same benefits, such as setting your own hours.

Beyond that, each could have unique benefits. They’ll also take different things to master. If you’ve already got these, then you shouldn’t have too much of a problem getting started in certain freelance jobs.

Home-Based Freelance Jobs You Could Consider


Virtual Receptionist

If you haven’t heard of a virtual receptionist before, you might be confused by the term. Typically, these freelance workers will perform all of the same duties as a traditional receptionist. That includes answering phone calls, making appointments, and much more.

Quite a few companies, such as VHQ, have become known for offering similar services to businesses. While you mightn’t want to scale up this much, it can be a great way to earn a living. Your hours might vary, depending on the clients you have.

Getting your key tasks done and waiting for phone calls may take up most of your working time. Since you’ll be working from home, you can get other things done when it’s quiet, provided you can hear any phone calls or contact from customers.

Drop shipping

Many people have dreamt about starting an e-commerce store. Selling products online has a lot of benefits, although it takes a lot of work. Sourcing products, manufacturing, and logistics are just the start. That could be a little overwhelming.

To minimize the stress associated with this, you could try drop shipping. The process typically involves hosting a manufacturer’s products on your website for sale. Once someone purchases an item, the manufacturer will handle the logistics, and you get a cut of the sale.

That’s a win-win for everyone, although you’ll need to be good with marketing to make a decent living.

Freelance Writer/Editor

You might have heard about freelance writing before. It’s one of the most common freelance jobs you can find. That means that there’ll be a lot of competition. If you have the skills to stand out, however, then it could be one of the more financially rewarding positions you can get.

There are always companies looking for content, so work shouldn’t be in short supply. These will be spread across multiple industries. If you’re more comfortable with or experienced in a particular sector, then you could focus solely on that one.

You could always utilize your experience in your old career to better inform your freelance writing. Should this prove effective, freelance editing may be another option. You’ll need expertise to qualify for this role, however.

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is somewhat like drop shipping, although there are some core differences. With affiliate marketing, you won’t need an e-commerce store. You will need either a blog or online following, however.

Affiliate marketing focuses on persuading people to purchase a product through your link. If they do, then you’ll get a percentage of the sales. Like drop shipping, you’ll need to grow a decent following and maximize the number of people who buy the product.

That could be great for anyone sales- or marketing-oriented. If you already have a decent following online, then you can be a few steps ahead of many potential competitors.

Web Developer

With the internet becoming increasingly ingrained in society, business websites have become mandatory. They can’t thrive in today’s marketplace otherwise. That shows no sign of changing, so web developers and programmers will constantly be in demand.

If you’re technologically inclined, then this could be a decent option. You could specialize in different areas, such as working with medical or construction companies. That could help you make a name for yourself while growing your freelance business.

A specialization could also mean that you could charge more for creating those websites.

Wrapping Up

There are countless freelance jobs that you could choose from. You might find some much more interesting than others. If that’s the case, then there shouldn’t be much stopping you from trying. Mastering the skills needed for the role could be all it takes to get started on your career.

When you start, it’s recommended that you keep your day job for a time. Increasing your client base for your freelance jobs can take some time. Keeping your day job helps you pay the bills while growing your freelance business.

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