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7 Things to Practice That Guarantee Better Golf

7 Things to Practice That Guarantee Better Golf

You’re aware that you want to improve your golf playing skills. But, you may be frustrated with your game or lacking the motivation to get out there and improve. The good news is that if you follow these simple steps and some basic golf swing tips, your game will drastically improve.

8 Things That Guarantee Better Golf


1) Get the Right Practice Club

If you purchase a cheap club, it will just frustrate you and take away from your game. You better not use it at all. There is such a thing as ‘practice’ clubs, but why bother if they don’t make the slightest difference in your golfing? A good practice club is something you can really learn with and is pretty close to the real thing.

2) Get Yourself a Good Putter

There’s nothing worse than a cheap putter. They won’t roll true, or they break very easily. If you’re putting on a second-rate green at the driving range using a cheap putter, this will translate to the course, and you’re never going to improve.

3) Get a Real Golf Cart

You probably noticed that golf carts aren’t exactly cheap. You can easily spend $8000 on a brand new golf cart. Of course, there are plenty of used ones out there for very reasonable prices. The important thing is to get a nice one that you can use practicing at the driving range, rather than an old beat up one that will fall apart the minute you take it on the course.

4) Get a Real Bag and Putter Cover

You don’t want to be practicing with a bag that’s falling apart or carrying around your $200 putter in an old bowling bag because you will play poorly off the course. A nice stand bag and good quality putter cover are important, even if it’s just for practicing at home on your own.

5) Get Out There with a Buddy

It’s tough to practice on your own all the time. It’s more fun when you can play with someone, and it will also improve your game. Not only will you have more motivation to get out there, but you’ll also enjoy yourself while improving your game.

6) Get a Swing Trainer

There are many swing trainers out there, and you don’t want to waste your money on the cheap ones that don’t work. However, getting yourself a good swing trainer like the SoloRider or a SKLZ Gold Flex will help you improve your swing and routines.

7) Get Yourself a Good Swing Coach

Lastly, you should hire a golf coach who can help you with your game and make you progress quickly. You might want to find someone who specializes in skills like putting or short game because you may learn a lot from them and get better.

Golf is an interesting sport that takes years to improve your swing and become proficient at the game. However, if you follow some basic golf swing tips and practice consistently, your game will quickly improve. You don’t need to be spending hundreds of dollars on lessons all the time, but rather invest in the right equipment, and you’ll be on your way to an improved game.

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