Connecting with Yourself on the Path to Finding Spirituality

Connecting with Yourself on the Path to Finding Spirituality

This may be a hard truth to digest, but most of us living in the modern world have resigned ourselves to this rut and routine of a cliched existence that makes us indulge in distractions. We have pseudo or minimal faith, and often evade the emptiness we feel in our lives. This leads to a ton of shallowness in relationships and problems with neuroticism.

Spirituality can help you stop perceiving yourself as a cog in the society’s machine and aid you in creating fulfilling and meaningful lives. During ancient times, Shamans used to guide people towards a deeper spiritual existence, but religion has now replaced spirituality with a theoretical God. When we go ahead and try to reconnect with our Souls, it can help us find an authentic purpose in our lives. It can help us in returning to the crux of our very being.

Even according to Viktor Frankl, a great psychologist of his time, all humans tend to feel neurotic thoughts and feelings when they cannot find their true purpose in life. This can cause an existential crisis and lead to a shallower path of living. A human being should find meaning in others, their work, and the world.

No one can have the exact spiritual journey as the other. This is always ongoing and dynamic. Finding spirituality might be overwhelming for you, which is why we have curated some tips for helping you guide your own path.

Go at your own pace and be gentle with yourself

When you first begin your spiritual journey, there is usually an influx of information that might be quite overwhelming to handle. The first step in this is awareness. If you are on your path, you will definitely feel some changes within you as well as in your environment it is important to be calm and gentle with yourself and to go at your own pace.

You cannot master a lifelong process in a short period of time, so don’t be too hard on yourself. It might be quite tempting to dive in and get more information, but it is not important to know everything. Most of the things that you will be learning on this path will be within you. The key to learning is to go gently but to go deep within.

Set your intention

A spiritual practice can do wonders for you in more ways than one. You do need to understand that you should first acknowledge that you want to start a spiritual practice, only then will you fully be into it. Your intentions are strong and send out vibrations into the world. Saying out loud,
“I want to take out the time to focus on my spirituality.” will actually help you move forward on this path. You should be aware and conscious about your curiosity and yearning, even if it is just for you.

Feed your mind

People who are on their way to spiritual awakening often find that they have this incredible thirst for knowledge. They devour everything that they can get their hands on. Start with books that help you find your spiritual beliefs. Watch talks that inspire a spiritual routine. Listen to podcasts that help foster sacredness in your everyday life. If you feel lost, go talk to someone. There are many people who tend to find talks very useful. Some even prefer a Christian Speaker who talks about topics such as mindset, discipline, and building faith in something bigger than yourself. The biggest cornerstones of such a journey are curiosity and knowledge.

Do not neglect your body

We understand how such a sudden shift in your perspective can make you forget about your body but remember to take care of it. After a spiritual awakening, you will understand that you are more than your ego and your body, but in order to keep fulfilling this curiosity, you need to treat your body like a temple. The most spiritual experience one can have is actually feeling one with their body. Dance, swim, exercise, do yoga and even walk to help connect your intuition with your body.

Have a playful mindset about your practice

Most people make the mistake of thinking that a spiritual practice makes you very serious and solemn. This is far from true; spirituality preaches being joyful and happy amidst all pain. It is important to approach your practice with a light heart and an empty mind.

Laughter can be the best medicine, so be prepared to laugh at yourself, your teachers, and even the simple silliness of human existence. This is what helps us detach our perspective of the body and the soul. We are our soul and not our body. The experiences that our body has are just one in a million that our soul has seen.

Watch for various signs

When a person starts walking down their spiritual path, there are many signs encountered by them. As your practice grows, the universe starts sending you more signs and little nudges to help encourage you on your path.

You might just start seeing strange coincidences, or some undeniable signs pointing you towards a deeper connection with your spirit. You might think it is stupid, but you can even ask for a sign. Write down your problem and struggle on a piece of paper and ask for guidance. Sign and date your letter and stay open to all possibilities.

Find and connect with your tribe

Probably the most important thing to do on your way to spirituality is to find like-minded people who are helpful for your journey. Spirituality doesn’t have to be a solitary endeavor and getting together with other seekers will only help you in connecting more with yourself.

Attend classes, workshops, and even retreats. Online communities are a great way of keeping in touch with your tribe. The energy that you receive back from doing such things can be of tremendous help to you on your path towards enlightenment.

Undertaking a spiritual journey is not easy. It can make you feel like everything is falling apart before it starts building back up stronger than ever.

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