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New Fashion Trends for Men You Cannot Miss

Fashion for men - New Trends They Cannot Miss

In a fashion-centric world full of trends, a classic gentleman’s style never goes out of fashion. After all, a well-dressed man is the one who dresses simply yet significantly. But after spending a whole year indoors amidst the pandemic, it seems that men’s style statements have got revised. The fashion universe now has a myriad of latest collections to give all lads a promising look for each occasion. These trends can never disappoint them because they go far beyond being just a fashion statement.

After all, these trends have worked on intricate touches and other detailing. Some styles have reappeared while others have been replaced by newer ones. Now, as the festive season is nearing, it’s time to get some fashion tips for men who don’t want to miss the current collections. On this note, here’s presenting the post that narrates the most elegant and stylish styling trends for men of the current 21st century.

#1 Shirts with Cuban Collar

Wear an eccentric look by choosing a stylish shirt with the Cuban collar. It’s a distinctive collar that matches the elegance of short sleeves. Jazzing up your outfit and making a real statement becomes easy with this kind of collared shirt. You can flaunt the beautiful design with bold prints. Alternatively, plain and simple solid colors also look great with style. The shirts look cool in bright hues. Let’s say blue, green, red, yellow, and so much more. Complement this look with sunglasses and chinos!

#2 The 70s Flares

Vintage fashion styles are promising because they bring an antique look revised in their own way. This year, the flares have reappeared. And it seems that the men’s fashion world would be incomplete without this collection. With a slim upper leg and an exaggerated ankle piece, the trousers greatly impact any occasion. You can pair it up with slim-fit short shirts and turtleneck ones to emphasize a bell bottom. Alternatively, you can keep it flowing with the oversized hoodie or T-shirt that sports a casual look. Regardless of how you wear them, you get the perfect appearance.

#3 Shorts Over the Knees

Who had ever wondered that shorts that are just over the knees would get so much popular in 2021? A man who likes to go funky with the attire can achieve this casual look in a pair of shorts just over their knees. They are an ideal way to keep oneself comfortable and covered. Beat the scorching summer heat with the attire. Whether you want to keep it bright or bold, you can never go wrong with it. Complete the look with fresh kicks and an open shirt.

#4 High-Waist Trousers

Rewind to the’40s, and you get these high waist trousers all ready to rock the fashion universe. However, even in 2021, it turns out to be a flattering style. It comes back to the fashion industry due to its immense versatility. Pairing it up with a tucked T-shirt shirt would be amazing. You can alternatively put a modern twist on these traditional pants by complementing the look with the open shirt. As bottom wear, you can get navy blue or cream-colored trousers. They are super comfortable and great to wear throughout the year.

#5 Two-Strap Slides

You can now make the world a runway with the latest two-strap slides. Unlike the traditional shoes, they offer double support alongside look cool as you walk past the street. Whether you choose a branded one or a low-key product, pairing them up with jeans, flared trousers, or suit pants would be extremely convenient. Most importantly, you can never go wrong with it during the summertime. They are amazing to complement your summer styles. You can choose any style of these shoes, depending on your personal taste and preference.

#6 Loosely-Fitted Suits

Not all tailoring stories give you the same conclusion. While some suits are weaved tightly, others are better when kept loose. Relaxed suiting is the next fashion trend for men that 2021 brings forth. A formal suit or outfit would go great when weaved with casual elements, from the delicate and subtle to astonishingly over the top. Combine this suit with sneakers or a white T-shirt for a casual and funky feel. But remember to keep the blazer buttoned up. Always avoid wearing a slim-fit office shirt, as you might look unpleasant with it. Most importantly, wear accessories that you can flaunt with confidence. Else, don’t try forcing yourself with too many accessories for men, especially when flaunting this ensemble.

#7 Shield Sunglasses

The new fashion accessory collections for men remain incomplete with a pair of shield sunglasses. They protect eyes from the harsh sun rays. Additionally, they look cool with any of the above clothing styles for men. Besides being a refreshing alternative to traditional eyewear products, they look stylish and classy. They are sleek and futuristic. You can wear them with oversized clothes. Regardless of whether you select subtle hues or bright-toned ones, the shades are best to complete any of your outfits for this season.

#8 Cross-Body Bags

Keep the belongings safe with a stylish cross-body bag. Whether you choose a messenger style or a bit neat and small, they are great to secure your important stuff, that too fashionably! If you think the strap is long for you, all you need is to tie one small knot. And there you have it. You get a unique addition to the overall fashion collection. It’s an amazing way to jazz up your outfit with a cross-body bag.

Summing Up

A man’s wardrobe is a doorway to his styling interests. Through these interests, one can demonstrate a man’s cultural roots. While trends come and go very easily, what becomes more important are the intricacies that a man works on to set a unique style. If you think your wardrobe requires an update this season, you can consider any of the above 2021 fashion trends. So, which are the ones you want to work on?

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