5 Sport Star Injuries So Weird That We Will Never Forget Them
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5 Sport Star Injuries So Weird That We Will Never Forget Them

5 Sport Star Injuries So Weird That We Will Never Forget Them

The world of sports is always full of surprises. The unexpected seems to happen all the time, whether it’s people bowing out of Olympic competition to look after their mental health or head-butting each other in World Cup soccer finals.

Injuries can be equally bizarre. They’re not always grotesque. Instead, they can happen for all sorts of strange and interesting reasons. Some of them you can never forget because they’re just so unrelentingly weird.

Pointless Headbutting

What’s the first thing you should do after scoring a touchdown? Well, apparently headbutt a wall and give yourself a concussion, according to quarterback Gus Frerotte.

Frerotte was apparently so excited about scoring that he decided to celebrate in a somewhat unusual manner. Instead of hugging his team mates or saluting to the crowd, Gus decided to headbutt part of the wall at Kent Cooke Stadium. He then sustained a concussion and sprained neck which ruled him out of any further competition.

Bagpipe Maiming

We don’t usually think of sports stars playing the bagpipes. Nor do we think of bagpipes as semi-lethal weapons. However, the two aspects of strangeness apparently came together for Glenn Healy, goalie for the New York Rangers.

One evening before a match, Healy was practicing on his bagpipes, only to cut open his hand, necessitating forty stitches. Naturally, Healy wasn’t able to play for his team the following day and had to tell the world that he got his injuries from his bagpipe habit. How bizarre.

Guitar Hero Injuries

We don’t tend to think of the video game Guitar Hero as being particularly severe on the body. But according to Joel Zumaya of the Detroit Tigers, it’s enough to knock you out for almost an entire season.

According to stories, Joel was bashing away on his game’s controller playing Guitar Hero when he suddenly noticed a strain in his wrist. The following day, it was so bad that he had to call up his coach and tell him that he wouldn’t be able to pitch the ball anymore. He later pulled out of the 2006 ACLS in a major blow to his career.

Sitting Down Incorrectly

Unfortunately for Dustin Penner of the LA Kings, there’s a right way (and a wrong way) to sit down. And one morning when his wife was making pancakes for him, he sat down the wrong way, injuring his back. The issue was so bad that he needed a Game Ready ice machine and had to take himself out of the line-up. It just goes to show, it doesn’t matter how much you pay sports stars, if they can’t sit down properly, it’s game over.


We can all understand somebody injuring themselves before scoring. They’re rushing for the ball and trying to get a goal. But injuring yourself while celebrating? That’s a little more embarrassing.

However, that’s precisely what happened to Bill Gramatica of the Cardinals. During 2010, he jumped in the air to celebrate a field goal against the Giants but came crashing back to Earth, landing on his right foot and tearing one of his ligaments in the process.

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