Preparing Your Body For Long Distance Cycling
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Preparing Your Body For Long Distance Cycling

Nothing compares to going for a long successful bike ride, whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner. Getting out on the open road can be a great way to clear your mind, calm your nerves and improve your physical health.

Preparing Your Body For Long Distance Cycling

Cycling has long been touted as a great cardiovascular workout, but did you know it can also improve your fitness and stamina and improve joint mobility?

When it comes to going on long bike rides is essential you are fully prepared to ensure you get the most from your ride. Noto only do you need to know Bicycle Safety Tips to Avoid Accidents, but you need to know how best to ride to help you to feel more confident.

Pedal Wisely

You want your legs to be able to pedal as long as possible, so you can’t run full throttle right away. If you are riding a bike for an extended period, you should concentrate on keeping in an efficient gear that allows you to maintain a regular cadence and input of effort. Ensure that the pedals are moving smoothly beneath you and that you are maintaining a cadence of at least 90 RPM. If you keep this speed, your aerobic and muscular systems will not be overworked, and you will be able to maintain a consistent level of the overall effort. It may take a little patience to get started, but you’ll be glad you did later on in the trip on your way back.

Break It Down

The mental challenge can often be the most challenging aspect to overcome when embarking on a long bike ride. Therefore, it will be beneficial to split your journey down into more manageable parts. This will make it easier to keep focused and avoid becoming overwhelmed if you work on each piece independently. Prepare a strategy for each part and be prepared to change your objectives as necessary.

Eat Well

Before heading out on a long bike ride, it is critical to plan your diet and hydration to maintain your energy levels during the journey. The exact amount of fluid you should drink will vary depending on the temperature and level of exercise you are experiencing. Still, you should try to consume approximately one bottle of water each hour.

You can add something to the water, such as electrolytes, but water is actually what your body needs to support your body as your ride. You should also consume food constantly throughout the ride, little and often as frequently as every 20 minutes.

Move Your Body

On longer rides, you may discover that your legs are the least of your concerns when it comes to aches and pains. This is normal. Change your hand positions regularly, shrug or roll your shoulders to relieve stress on them and your neck and stretch out your legs by standing up and lowering one pedal until your leg is completely straight.

Your body will be put under a lot of pressure to support extended periods of cycling, so ensuring you are well prepared physically and mentally can help you sustain the level of activity required without causing any damage.

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