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11 Surefire Ways to Create Special Moments This Christmas

11 Surefire Ways to Create Special Moments This Christmas

Christmas is coming soon! But it isn’t your first; neither would it be your last. The one great thing you could do is to make this one outstanding!

Christmas is a time that comes with a unique spirit of its own. It’s a time to reflect on the journey so far, be grateful for your life, work, friends, and family, and look forward to the following year. Christmas is a time to celebrate with loved ones. And as such, there’s every reason to create beautiful moments with them.

But you may have been celebrating Christmas the same way every year and are now at a loss how to spark it up this time around.

Well, you’re in luck!

Below are 11 incredible ways to create special moments for you, your family, and friends this Christmas.

1. Send an exceptional gift

Of course, Christmas is a time to share gifts. You could go to a store and pick anything, wrap it up, and it makes a good present. But you can send something different this year, a gift that’s not just good but strikingly outstanding.

Rather than sending that wonderful friend a regular watch, pair of shoes, or jewelry, consider sending something more mentally stimulating, like a remarkable piece of panoramic photography to beautify their home decor, a portrait of any moment you’ve shared with them, etc. It could be your neighbor, friend, or colleague at work. Such spectacular gifts can invoke deep sensations for years to come.

2. Sing together as a family

You may attend any Christmas event and sing carols, but bringing it home adds a whole new dimension to it. Have a Christmas tree at home, put the lights on, gather the kids around and carol together as a family. It brings a sense of love and bond that can lighten up the day and the season entirely.

3. Have a family road trip

Do you have a family car? Why not spend Christmas visiting friends together as a family?

But hitting the road on Christmas shouldn’t be about visiting only friends but also funfairs, eateries, the ice-cream park, film shows, and whatever you know each member of your family would enjoy. In short, you can make it a new family tradition to spend Christmas away from home.

4. Give to the needy

There is a unique positive feeling that gives offers. Selfless acts such as giving potentially make you happy and put you in a state known as the “helper’s high.”

So why not make this year’s Christmas about someone else? Go out giving to the needy as your capacity allows.

You can donate to charity, visit those at the hospital, or send goodies to your grandparents and your spouse’s family if you’re married. This is one great way to create memorable moments for yourself and others at Christmas.

5. Cook a different menu this Christmas

One way to do something unique this Christmas is to prepare a menu you haven’t had for ages. It might be something from your childhood or at a restaurant during your vacation. The excitement of getting it right is one to keep your heart pumping.

And what’s more? If you’ve got family or friends with you, get them involved! Cook and eat together and be merry.

6. Dine in style

Think about using Christmas colors in paper plates, creating a winter theme, or setting up a stylish table for everyone to dine. Any of these will wow guests while also creating a warm, welcoming Christmas feel. To add an extra touch, include candle lights and linen across the dining.

7. Play Christmas games with your family

You can usher in Christmas with roars of laughter. Before Eve, write out a list of amusing games, such as charades.

Other creative ideas you could try this Christmas include:

  • Acting out Santa’s day
  • Curating your favorite Christmas songs and asking each family member to pick and perform.
  • Playing Christmas carols using sticks or spoons as drumsticks and asking your family members to guess the song. Every correct answer attracts a gift: just something minor but worthwhile and laughter-inducing.

8. Watch a holiday classic

Home alone! A Charlie Brown Christmas! These are a couple of classics that’ll never cease to freshen up the spirit of Yuletide year after year. You don’t have to go to the theater this Christmas. Sit your spouse and kids in front of the flat screen TV and put on one of your favorite holiday classics from the nineties. Or if you prefer the more recent ones, think Elf.

9. Ask the elderly ones to share their childhood Christmas memories

Chances are you’d be having your parents and grandparents over for Christmas. Or else, you may want to visit them.

Whatever the case, you may ask them to share with you and your kids all the fantastic Christmas memories they had. You’d be surprised how different things were then. With no one having access to the Internet and sophisticated devices, your grandparents’ Christmas stories would be like a time travel movie.

Indeed, it would be a remarkable experience for you and your kids.

10. House full of friends and neighbors

One sensational way to make Christmas special is to share the love with neighbors and friends. Invite them over to your house; prepare a wide variety of meals so that everyone gets what appeals to them. Share food, share laughter, share the love.

11. Let out the digital photo albums

There must be hundreds of photos stored on your devices over the years. Christmas is a perfect time to glance through the albums and refresh memories of years past through photography. With your family members and perhaps grown-up kids around for the yuletide, there’d be so much laughter to go round when each person sees their younger version.

And what’s more? You can even decide to have one particular photo printed and placed on your wall—something picturesque.

Just do it together

Christmas is filled with so many activities. You could be crafting ornaments for the tree, garnishing something in the kitchen, or preparing gifts for family friends. But whatever it is, it’s the coming together of generations working hand in hand that truly make Christmas sensational.

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