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5 Amazing Gifting Ideas for Kids That Love to Play Games

5 Amazing Gifting Ideas for Kids That Love to Play Games

Being a dad is one of the best experiences in the world and being a gamer kid’s dad is a different level altogether. If you’re a gamer yourself, seeing your child pick up on catchphrases and gaming lingo from you is an amazing bonding experience. As fun as it is to enjoy gaming with your child, it is even more fun to bring out the inner gamer in you and give them something they would truly love.

While the holiday season is just around the corner, we know that many parents begin to fret over what to get their child, because today we try to do our best and give them everything they need. So, what are things that your child will appreciate, no matter what their age? We’re here to your rescue with five suggestions that will psyche out your child, no matter how old they are, thanks to the gaming genes you passed on to them!

  1. Tickets to a gaming convention: If you know your kid’s favorite game, you’re in luck with this idea! Gaming conventions are a great idea for anyone who loves to interact with fellow gamers, cosplay their favorite characters and also meet the voices behind these stars. Trust us, your child is bound to be super excited, because we have seen grown people turning into kids at such events. A gaming convention which you and your kid both enjoy would also make a great bonding day between dad and the kid(s).
  2. Get them souvenirs and keepsakes: Isn’t it amazing how little things can light up someone’s entire day? That’s what our old cards and keepsakes did for us. It is now time to pass the legacy to gamer kids, because they will appreciate these things even more. Get your kid figurines or RPG miniatures and watch their happiness go over the moon.
  3. Introduce them to the classics: If your child is a generation Z born star, you know how they are a tad out of touch with the classics. No matter how different the old Nintendo or other games may feel, we’re sure they’ll soon get hooked to them because these things never go out of style. Take them to a gaming museum and show them where the journey of gaming started from. This can also help them learn something new and improve their knowledge, since our learning experiences are entirely different from theirs.
  4. Get them gaming posters: Sometimes, the old school way is priceless. Getting signed posters of our favorite bands and games was one of the most novel experiences of our lives. This could be a treat to your child, but also for you to relive the nostalgia!
  5. Gift them a gaming desk: Make gaming more comfortable for your kid by giving them a gaming desk. This will not just help them keep a better posture but also avoid problems like a curved spine or hunched shoulders in the future.

Wrapping Up:

While some of these gifts are collectibles that your kid can cherish until they’re old, there are also invaluable experiences that they’ll remember for a long time. Make sure to not stress yourself out too much while deciding and go with your dad instinct!

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