5 Tips When Preparing to Defend Your Home Against Pests
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5 Tips When Preparing to Defend Your Home Against Pests

5 Tips When Preparing to Defend Your Home Against Pests

Pests are called pests for a reason. They include rodents, insects, and larger animals that make their way into your home searching for food or warmth. These pests can destroy wires causing electrical issues, but they also carry diseases, especially mosquitoes in the warmer months.

Keep the trash cans closed

Regardless of the season, there are various pests to look out for that can find their way into your home and chew wires or contaminate the space. Of course, pests will always seek out warm, comfortable places, but you can narrow their chances of finding your home by taking measures.

Most people have trash cans at the front or rear of their homes. Trash cans contain all kinds of waste, and they often contain food waste that can attract pests of all kinds. Rodents, insects, and urban animals like foxes can be an issue, so ensure trash cans are properly sealed.

Remove any loose food sources

Whether it’s in your outside trash cans or your indoor cupboards, loose food sources lead to insects, iguana, rodents, and other pests that can be irritating at best and cause health problems in the worst cases. As mentioned here https://iguanacontrol.com/iguana-removal-west-palm/, you should immediately consult professionals to remove the iguana or other dangerous species. So, remove all loose food from your kitchen and thoroughly clean any spillage.

It’s easy to remove loose food sources from your kitchen and reduce the chances of encountering an unexpected rodent in your home. For example, instead of keeping grain in their packaging that can be easily gnawed through, put it into dedicated containers and store them up high.

Protect your bird feed from rodents

The best way to defend your home against pests is to take appropriate measures both inside and outside your home. The last thing you want is to attract pests to the outside of your home with loose food in the trash cans or bird feeders that aren’t designed to protect against rodents.

Rodents will exploit bird feeders if the proper measures aren’t taken. What you need is a rodent guard that fits on the pole and prevents rodents from climbing up and accessing the bird feed. As well as encouraging more birds, this will repel many of the pests and put them off.

Enlist the help of a pest service

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you have a pest issue that you need to be resolved quickly and efficiently. Perhaps you’ve been caught out, or you haven’t taken the proper pest resolution measures this season. So, call a pest service such as mosquito control.

Mosquitoes are more common in the warmer months, and it’s important to keep their numbers down to stay protected from some of the diseases they carry. Mosquitoes carry diseases such as West Nile virus, Dengue, and malaria. You need to protect your family from these diseases.

Keep windows and doors sealed

Naturally, it makes sense to keep your doors and windows sealed to prevent rodents and insects from getting into your home regardless of the season. But remember, this applies to windows and doors in the basement and attic and the obvious ones in your home.

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