A Music Lover’s Guide to Creating a Record Collection

A Music Lover's Guide to Creating a Record Collection

Over the years, record collection has emerged as one of the favorite activities for music lovers. Even in the age of live streaming, vinyl continues to hold a popular place. But creating a collection goes beyond finding the rarest records and hunting for more. It is also about preserving them. As a beginner, you need to understand the basics of both. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you create and preserve an awesome record collection.

Start by picking some records

This one is a no-brainer because a collection starts with records and ends at them. Start buying and continue building down the line. You can check the local record shop and online stores to find your favorite. If you are lucky, you may even find some hidden classics in the racks. Explore different artists and music genres to add variety and versatility.  Talk to store owners, connect with fellow collectors, and research online to create a precious collection.

Shop for a record player

When you have records, you will want to play them on. A new record player is an excellent investment for any music lover. The resurgence of vinyl has made it easy to find turntables these days, and you can even pick one from a supermarket. Consider your budget and pick a device that offers optimal sound quality at the best price. Avoid all-in-one players with built-in speakers and preamp because they often fall short on the sound quality front.

Ensure safe storage

Building a record collection is not a one-time effort. You need to keep adding new ones and make sure that the ones you own are in a good condition. Stacking records in a pile is the worst thing to do as it can cause warping. You also have to make sure they are away from direct heat and sunlight. Storage may be a concern if you live in a small space. Thankfully, you can explore the idea of storing vinyl records in a self-storage unit. The place offers adequate area and optimal conditions to keep them safe over time. You can access the unit anytime you want to listen to your favorite music or just check your collection.

Organize your collection

Wherever you store your collection, you must keep it well-organized. There are different methods to explore. Consider arranging the records alphabetically by artist’s name because they are easy to access and replace. You can organize by genre if you have a broader collection that includes different ones.  Just find what works for you and stick with the system forever.

Learn maintenance basics

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your record collection are equally crucial. Records tend to collect dust over time, and you need to clean them to retain their sound quality in the long run. A carbon-fiber brush is an ideal cleaning tool because it cleans well between the grooves. Make sure you are gentle while cleaning because even a little pressure can damage your vinyl.

Creating and maintaining a record collection takes time and effort. But having a flaunt-worthy one makes your effort worthwhile.

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