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Why Playing the Violin Might be the Best Thing Your Child Has Ever Done!

Why Playing the Violin Might be the Best Thing Your Child Has Ever Done!

Being able to play a musical instrument is a technical ability that is adored by many. Still, only a few can achieve the mindset and skill through sheer determination. Since it takes a lot of time to learn, understand and master an instrument, most people prefer that their children start it early. Violin is among the few of the classiest and complicated instruments that certainly don’t pop in one’s mind when discussing instruments.




“Why not?”

But Violin???

Sounds unconventional, right?

Even then, the violin’s romantic aura and mystic melodies make it worth the money and effort. We have discussed the best benefits of playing the violin that lasts for a lifetime with proper practice and the right tools.

Boosts Memory

Human memory declines as we age, and this can be a frustrating experience. If your child has a wrong time remembering things or simply forgetting, then learning to play the violin might be the top choice. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that training for over a year on the violin positively impacts your memory and boosts your attention span so that you can remember things for a long time. This might sound surprising, but their therapists recommend people with Alzheimer’s and dementia to play the violin. So, if you don’t want to forget your childhood memories, we recommend playing the violin early.

Better Mental Health

Music challenges multiple parts of your mind and body. Healthcare experts, after thorough research, agree that it improves a lot of brain functions like reading skills and language processing. Additionally, it also plays a pivotal role in the proper development of the brain. Children who play the violin at an early age have a much more organized lifestyle than those who don’t. Additionally, with better brain functionality, they will perform better in school and deliver good results. Parents who want their kids to enhance their skill set without feeling too much burden, then learning the violin might be the best choice.

Improves Motor Skills

Instruments such as the violin allow children to develop motor skills by moving their hands while remembering the notes. Ideal for high energy, this type of instrument is perfect for kids to create high energy. Playing the violin demands different hand actions and body movements, which develop ambidexterity and ensure that the kids become comfortable in every nature. By improving their motor skills, your little one will start participating in different physical activities such as sports, dancing, and even house chores. A kid who has better motor skills can stay well-coordinated and robust for years to come.

Better Social Skills

Whether you are opting for in-home violin lessons or sending your kid to a very conventional class, one thing to remember here is that there will be other people of different or same age groups learning the violin. These classes require interaction and communication in various aspects that encourage teamwork and teach your kid how to share skills. If your kid is struggling with the lessons, maybe his classmate can help. If someone in the class is struggling, maybe your little one can help. This is how these classes work. The main goal of every class is to understand the working of a violin and create melodies that perfectly represent your skill and what you learned. Children in a group learn much faster and understand what it is like to live, work and reach a common goal with other people.

Gives Sense of Belonging

Teenagers often struggle to find the right place for themselves. This is a huge concern for parents as their adolescent child cannot find his spot in this world. Learning to play the violin provides them with a sense of belonging to a specific place where they express their talent and coordinate with people who share similar interests. Additionally, teens often feel the pressure of what to wear and how to look. By sending them to a place where the prime focus is on music, you reduce constant stress while building their self-confidence.

Release Emotions

Music gets better when you are passionate about it. The violin is one of those few instruments where your passion and suitable classes can help you vent your emotions. Growing up, kids often go through a roller coaster of emotions and feelings they might not like to tell you about. Violin allows them to express their feelings in a non-aggressive way, so they can feel relaxed and content after each session. With stress out of their mind, kids and mostly teenagers open their minds to more opportunities. So, if you feel that your child has been a lot more understanding lately and not prone to the regular teenage drama, consider it a miracle of the mighty violin.

Upper Body Strength 

By constantly moving your arm and body at different angles, you are allowing yourself to perform a low-impact workout. Kids who play the violin from an early age have the strength to outperform their counterparts who don’t play the violin in most sports. Additionally, you can look for other courses that you feel can be a great addition to the current skill set with a strong and physically active body. Many professional sports players also have a grip on musical instruments because of their ability to make you stronger without much exertion.

Better Posture

Whether it’s your sedentary lifestyle or you don’t like exercising a lot, most adults today have poor posture and an unhealthy spine. This can easily be transferred to children unless you do something on time. Introducing your little ones to a proficient instrument like a violin begins with lessons on standing and holding it. This results in an improved posture along with better spine health. A healthy spine does not just make your posture better, but it also helps you remain mentally and physically happy. With reduced stress and a better posture, your kids can grow up to live a healthy lifestyle that does not impact their quality of life.

Improves Focus

Learning the violin gives a sense of gratification and patience to otherwise insanely hyperactive kids. It is a steep learning curve where one has to go through plenty of sessions, such as maintaining the correct posture, holding the bow properly, and positioning your feet. It takes years of practice to reach different goals, which ensures that your little one is patient and focused enough to wait for results. Google Meet music lessons are very helpful in developing this skill as it is a tough task to stay focused and consistent without any distractions while being alone. Kids with a better focus perform well at school and become great listeners and thinkers as adults.


Playing the violin might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Still, if you put your kids in violin lessons from an early age, multiple benefits positively impact their physical and mental health. We have compiled a list of them to show the importance of music in your child’s daily life.

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  • Afton Jackson

    It’s really interesting to read how many emotional and mental benefits you can get from learning violin lessons. The fact that this amazing hobby can help someone grow in these areas really convinces me that I should follow my heart and learn it. I’ll start taking violin lessons from the area for sure so I can incorporate this into my daily life.

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