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Piece of Mind from Tela Released 25 Years Ago Today

Piece of Mind Tela

8Ball and MJG, Crime Boss, South Circle and Tela made Suave House one of my favorite record labels ever. On this day 25 years ago, Tela released his debut called Piece of Mind. I remember the first time I heard Tela, which was on the South Circle album and the track Unsolved Mysteries that featured 8Ball. Although I didn’t know much about Tela; seeing he was down with Suave House I bought the album the day it dropped.

Let’s say that this album didn’t disappoint at all and if anything, it exceeded my expectations. The album featured Crime Boss, Mr. Mike, 8Ball & MJG and a few others. Despite not being a big-time chart topper, this album was and still is a down south classic. I think the biggest disappointment was this is the only album he released with Suave House as he made his way to Rap-A-Lot Records.

Sho Nuff

Sho Nuff was his big hit off the album and it featured 8Ball & MJG. This was a HUGE hit in the south as it was a strip club anthem back in the mid-90s. In this video, you’ll see Jazze Pha who produced this track as he’s been bringing heat for a very long time. You can check out the video up above, which of course, takes place in a strip club, but no nudity.

Tired of Ballin

This was another huge hit from Tela, which is a player song. The title of the track pretty much explains what the song is about and this one has no feature on it. Like I said, this is another great track and I just love the whole sound on this album. The video above features some infamous movie stars from the 70s who played pimps in the movies. Below is the track listing for this album.


  1. Intro
  2. Twisted
  3. Tired of Ballin
  4. Strange ft. Crime Boss & Mr. Mike
  5. Success
  6. Let It Rain
  7. Sho Nuff ft. 8Ball & MJG
  8. Time
  9. Blackhaven
  10. Suave House
  11. Cell Call
  12. U Can’t Tell
  13. All About the Money
  14. Survival
  15. Piece of Mind

This Piece of Mind album still gets much play till this day and this is a down south classic. Twisted, Strange, U Can’t Tell and Piece of Mind are my other favorite tracks off the album. Where are all my down south hip hop fans at? Do you remember Tela and his Piece of Mind album? What’s your favorite track from the album? Head to the comments section below and give me some feedback.

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